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Shop Tools for Sale in Houston, TX Area - CruedDude - 11-25-2021

I am looking to see if there is any interest before I get to everything for pictures and/or exact model numbers.
Located in La Porte, TX far SouthEast in Metro Houston, ZIP is 77571

I have a small two car garage shop set of woodworking equipment that I would like to sell.

Everything was bought new from 2006-2008.  The table saw has seen the most use.  Band Saw has never been used beyond a test cut or two.  Planer has some light use on it and has an extra set of new blades.  Jointer has light use as well.  I was doing woodworking on weekends in 2008 prior to a corporate relocation.  The equipment has followed me where I moved to until it got back home in Houston.  The equipment has been stored in my garage and has not been used since 2010.

Craftsman "22124" Hybrid Table/Cabinet Saw w/Biesemeyer Fence - Model  152.221240
Craftsman 12-inch Band Saw - Model 119.224000
Ridgid Planer
Ridgid Jointer
Craftsman Hollow Mortiser - Model 152.219071

I have a lot of accessories.
The three large tools have rolling stands that they are on. 
There are a couple of High End Blades for Table saw that have never been used.  
Extra set of New Blades for Band Saw
Extra set of New blades for Planer

Will update with Planer and Jointer Model numbers asap.

Would prefer to sell everything together.  Serious Inquiries only.  
Looking for $1200 for the entire lot.

RE: Shop Tools for Sale in Houston, TX Area - BC in CT - 11-25-2021

May be interested in the table saw blades, what blades do you have?

RE: Shop Tools for Sale in Houston, TX Area - iclark - 11-25-2021

(11-25-2021, 09:48 PM)CruedDude Wrote: Serious Inquiries only.

Posts in SnS require asking prices.

We realize that it may take some time to dig out model numbers.

Please start with at least one model number that you can access and your asking price for that item.

Then, update the post as you dig out more information on what you are selling and the asking prices.

If you are willing to ship items, please also include that info.

It appears that you already have one serious inquiry.