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On a rust hunt - bandit571 - 04-23-2022

A few garage/estate sales....and a couple Antique Stores...
A better view..

Cleaned up the countersink bit..
Both of the $1 C clamps...
This one needed the most work....straightened the rod a bit..

The Stanley Low Angle block plane ($1) was sitting out on a table, Thursday..IN the rain...cleaned up nicely enough..once it was dried out..
Sharpened up, ready to go..No. 60-1/2

That hammer head needed cleaned up...and a new-ish handle...had the handle IN the shop...head cost?  $1

That Expansive Bit..
Is a CLARK   Con VAL Co.  Made in USA...can cut up to a 3" diameter hole..
There was also a chisel in the pile...
1/8" Sash Mortise Chisel....

The Razee plane has a Sandusky iron and chipbreaker.....O. Cantz Tool Co. stamped in the toe...($5)....

There was also a SMALL pair of Needle nosed pliers..Utica 22-4 USA....and a package of 1/8" drill bits 15 bits, plus 3 for a Rotozip...Dollar bill for the pliers and the bits..

I did turn down a Stanley block plane...Handyman...all steel....and a cheap, Hardware store Eggbeater..($9.50?????)
Not a bad 2 days?

That big Yankee screwdriver?    A Millers Falls No. 61A.   ($8)....just needed a couple drops of oil...

RE: On a rust hunt - TraditionalToolworks - 04-23-2022

(04-23-2022, 10:55 AM)bandit571 Wrote: The Stanley Low Angle block plane ($1) was sitting out on a table, Thursday..IN the rain...cleaned up nicely enough..once it was dried out..

Sharpened up, ready to go..No. 60-1/2
Good for you!

Absolutely one of my favorite hand planes, I have one that I bought from Walt Quadratto, it's just a pleasure to use. When these are sharp, they're a pleasure to use. The low angle makes a huge difference on pine for me. The higher angle doesn't leave nearly as nice of a finish.

All of those tools are very useful and this is what rust hunting is all about. Even the folding ruler, I hate those things but would have bought it. LOL I haven't been out rust hunting in a long time...always hit/miss for me, one never knows...around me it's mostly estate sales run by these big conglomerates. They look on Ebay at the asking prices and ask the same. Occasionally they get something they don't know or can't find on Ebay and price is at a point I buy them. Have actually gotten some pretty good tools like that at similar estate sales.

Good score bandit!

RE: On a rust hunt - bandit571 - 04-26-2022

The Razee plane..
Is back to making shavings...
I spent a $1 bill on this pair of pliers....Utica #22-4,  4" needle nose...cleaned up nicely..
Spent another $1 for this package of 1/8" drill bits....has a few from RotoZip...about 18 total bits....I have a few eggbeater drills in need...

RE: On a rust hunt - TraditionalToolworks - 04-27-2022

That 60-1/2 got me to thinking about when I was teaching my son to cut dovetails...I love that little plane, Stanely really knocked it out of the park on that little one.

Got to have a really sharp edge on end grain, but dovetails are mostly working on the side, along the grain. I first scribe with a Olaf utility knife, cut out the wedge and use the 60-1/2 to take material down and it will pull the top of the scribe layer off and leave a clean scribe line for fit up.

OTOH, I don't really know what I'm doing, so take everything with a large grain of salt. The larger the grain the better, go big or go home as the saying goes...LOL

DISCLAIMER: this is the ONLY dovetail my son learned or cut in his life. I have always wanted to do more with woodworking and metalworking with him, even wanted him to make handsaw handles for me when he was living in a dorm off at school, but he was never interested. Me and the kids did several things like making cutting boards for their Mom on Mother's Day, stuff like that, but we only has a few of those projects. Now me and my son are closer and he does help me with some stuff from time to time, but I still respect him for the type of art he creates and the ideas that he comes up with. He is also the more likely between him and my daughter that would end up living in the home/shop I'm building. So, he will end up with my shop. Hopefully he will be able to build ANYTHING he wants.

Amazing how clean the logs are here as well, looking forward to getting some cleaner on the shell soon as I move it to the foundation.

[Image: jason-learning-dovetails.jpg]

[Image: jason-taking-pride-in-his-work.jpg]

RE: On a rust hunt - bandit571 - 04-30-2022

Rust Hunt, Continued..

$6 =?
Remington 16" bar Electric Chainsaw.....just needed oil for the chain and bar..
Part 2?
$3.25    for these 4 items...with the drill index a quarter....$1 for the pair of 3" c clamps ( they do come in handy)  and a $1 for the saw...
Nicholson USA...26" 5-1/2ppi Rip saw....
Has some big teeth...
I can even resharpen!   It does drift a bit in the cut..
I can fix by stoning the right side of the teeth...Saw just might come in handy?
C clamps..
Wasn't too bad of a Rust Hunt.....