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Fractal wood burning - gear jammer - 04-27-2022

I see where a couple in central Wi. were electrocuted doing some fractal wood burning. As dangerous as this appears to be why be so dumb and try it. Just to get an original and unique  design is not worth it. 
Your comments?

RE: Fractal wood burning - shoottmx - 04-28-2022

Had to google to see what it is---

At least 33 People electrocuted

......Even with proper equipment and experience, fractal burning carries risks. At least 33 people have died from fractal burning attempts since 2016, according to the American Association of Woodturners, including an experienced electrician.....

The possible results look cool for sure, IMHO, certainly not worth the risk of something going wrong.


RE: Fractal wood burning - AHill - 04-28-2022

People think they are smarter than the risks involved, and they are ignorant of what the actual risks are. Fractal woodburning uses DC current at a high amperage, which is quite dangerous. The human body can take lots of volts (e.g. a cattle prod), but not very much current. There are ways to install safety systems that will prevent electrocution, but people are cheap or unaware of how to make or install a system with such safeguards.

I remember in college doing electro-etching of metals to prep them for metallographs (microscopic photos). No safeguards in place. I'd have attached anode and cathode, attached to the sample and the DC power source (2 amps). You'd etch for maybe 2-3 seconds, then turn off the power supply, then rinse the sample under the faucet in the lab. I was doing this all afternoon and was in a good rhythm - until I reversed the process and plunged my sample under the running water BEFORE I turned off the power supply. Huge jolt of electricity into that arm which momentarily froze my arm. I was quick enough to let go of the sample and turn the power supply off, but my arm was tingling for at least 2 hours and the jolt made my arm feel like someone hit it with a baseball bat. I called it a day. With OSHA and risk assessments and all, they won't allow that kind of technique anymore. I probably should have died 4 or 5 times in my life doing dangerous things. I'm far more risk-averse today than I was when I was in my 20's.

RE: Fractal wood burning - EightFingers - 05-02-2022

Anyway, the pattern is not a true fractal, so there.

RE: Fractal wood burning - AnthonyYak - 05-02-2022

Woodturning, by itself, is not without risks

RE: Fractal wood burning - iclark - 05-02-2022

(05-02-2022, 12:33 PM)AnthonyYak Wrote: Woodturning, by itself, is not without risks

So very true. I am thankful that it has been a long time since that 6mo or so time period when there were 2 people who died woodturning and one had their jaw badly broken.

RE: Fractal wood burning - Arlin Eastman - 05-05-2022

I was dead set on doing it a few years ago and talked to everyone here and they finally talked me out of it.  I love the look and how it works but I have enough problems without  getting hurt again or killed

RE: Fractal wood burning - Dusty Workshop - 05-12-2022

It has been banned by the AAW from any club events due to the danger

RE: Fractal wood burning - ianab - 05-14-2022

Youtuber BigClive explains the ways it's likely to kill you.