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Next Project? - bandit571 - 05-24-2022

Spent a little "Mad Money", today...$17 total...for 9 boards..
Short one is 48" long....there are 4 @ 3/4" x 5-3/4" x 60"....the other 4 @ 3/4" x 5-3/4" x 57"

Seems to have a bit of spalt to it...
so, instead of the "usual" Ash...we'll see how I do with Maple..

Somewhere between 21 and 22 bft....

RE: Next Project? - stav - 05-25-2022

That's a great price for all of that. 

What's will all of that become?

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 05-26-2022

Well, there is a place....
That NEEDS something better than this mess....so...

Thinking a Hobbit Sized Tool Chest.......area available is 32" long, can only go to 17" in height WITH the lid...and can only stick out 16" or so.....

Maybe a Frame & Panel sort of thing....small feet, maybe do 2 glue ups...the 4  planks that are 5' long...would be enough to make 2 panels...then cut for the front , back, and both ends....the the other shorter 1x6s to build the frames with.....maybe?   May have to go and get a couple more planks, to build a lid.


Flat Panels..or...Raised Panels....?

Flat lid..or...build a frame & panel lid?

Small box inside to prop the lid open, with it's own lid?    Or, Maybe a sliding tray....front to back, or side to side?

Been a LONG time since I worked with any Maple.....choice of a finish.....Amber Shellac, or......?

We'll see....need to get the panels made first...Hmm...single panel front and rear, or..split them with a divider?

Stay tuned...might get interesting...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 05-27-2022

Ok..figured a few things out.  I hope...

2 planks went to the shop last night..
They are 3/4" x 5-3/4"  x 59".....Makes the bench look tiny, don't it?

One edge had some barkiness going on...other edge wasn't too far off...the second plank ( in the vise) had 2 good edges....tried a few different ways to line things up...marked both boards with a LARGE "V"...to show where they are to go together at.    Had a gap in the middle...we have ways..
That is NOT some little Jack plane...that is a Stanley No. 8c sitting there...maple shavings, anyone?

Got the matching edges to sit without any gaposis going on....then the glue, cauls and clamps arrived...
This panel, will make both the front and back panels.....

Figured out that, allowing for the Frames, and a middle divider....I can cut 59" down into 4 panels...and still reach my 32" limit....

Waiting to figure out how bit of a panel I'll need for the ends.   Letting this glue-up sit a day, or two.  
Maybe by then, the Dungeon Creek will dry up....been a lot of rain, lately...

Stay tuned....waiting on "Moose & Squirrel Express" to deliver some sort of paper plan....

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 05-28-2022

Clamps came off, today...
I wanted one edge jointed, to pull lay outs off of..so
Once I got a single LONG shaving, I figured this edge was jointed...Needed to square the ends..
Once both ends were squared up, pulled a measurement, to see how to get 4 panels out of this board...

59" divided by 4....=...14-3/4"....I think...set up a saw bench..
Framing square to layout...
And make a few cuts, until..
I had 4 panels.....except, they varied in width, as there was a taper going on...from 11" down to 10-3/4"....set up the rip fence..
Mainly on the barky edges....ran the jointed edge against the fence.  Then clamped the 4 panels together..
Once the block plane had removed the dried glue squeeze outs...

Letting this sit a day, or 3....While I work on the Stiles and rails.....and figure out what size panel I'll need on the ends...

Might have to sweep up, sometime?

Stay tuned...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 05-29-2022

Could only get in about a 1/2 hour of shoptime, today...took a couple planks to the shop...trying to avoid the ones with the barky edges..ran the tablesaw for a little bit..
Maple seems to stink a bit, when the saw is at work...yet never burnt...hmmm...

Ok, those 4 square (almost) panels were done the other day....sitting on top of them, are the 2 dividers.   The 4 long strips are the rails for the front and back, under them are the 4 wide stiles for the front and back of the case.....and the 4 narrower stiles for the ends.     A Tongue & Groove joint will connect the ends to the front and back,  the end stiles are narrower because when the corners are glued together,,,the end stiles will be the same width as the front/back stiles.....had to allow for the 1/4" tongue. 

Wider stiles are 3" wide....with the end stiles at 2-1/2".     Rails are also that 2-1/2" width..

As for the rails for the ends?
Ran out of available lumber, and did not want to haul another plank to the shop...today..

So...that was about it for today..

Stay tuned...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 05-30-2022

Hmm...plank #5 was hauled to the shop, this morning.....and now?    There are 2 panels sitting in clamps and cauls, waiting on glue to dry/cure.

Roughly 11" long  pieces, jointed and glued into pairs...to make 2 panels for the ends of the chest.

Letting them sit a day or 3.....

Next step?    Turning 6 panels into Raised Panels....and mill a few grooves for them to sit it.  

Enjoy your Holiday...BUT, remember those that made it possible.....

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 05-31-2022

Decided to mill the 1/4" grooves to house the raised panels, first.....That way I can dry fit the frames to size the panels better...so....bench cleaned off....need a jig set up..
This is the notched end, and will stay put...rest of the jig?
3 "locking bars"    The one on the end pivots to tighten the parts in place.   Front and back rails ( they are the longest parts) had some rough sawn edges....we have ways..
Stanley No. 8c seems to do a decent enough job...
Gives me a nice, jointed edge to run the Stanley No. 45 on.    Set up for a 1/4" x 1/4" groove, centered in the edge...
Set up a combo square to double check depth...
Takes a lot of passes to get down 1/4"?
You COULD say that....one groove done, second rail has been jointed, and ready to make a bowl of Maple Flavoured Noodles..

Stay tuned....

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-01-2022

Had the shop fan set on HIGH....still too hot IN the shop...but..
The rest of the Long Rails have their grooves done...

reset the jig, to hold the 16" long stiles...
Had to use a slightly smaller plane to prep the edge..
Before I could run the plough plane..
1 done..only 7 more stiles to groove....

Are starting to overflow the bench...
and onto the floor.....kind of crunchy...

Will see how much shoptime the Boss allows, today.....
Stay tuned...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-02-2022

Grooves about done..
Needed to rip, cross cut and groove 4 rails for the end frames...
Set up to mill tenons...test piece of scrap...
Hmmm, blade set too high?   Lower it and try again..
Maybe a 1/4 turn lower?  
Rip fence is used as a stop block...not a guide.   Last pass on each face, the part/tenon is against the fence.

Set up the frame pieces..
Wanted to see how well the panels fit......they were about 1/4" too long.   Trimmed those down.   Also wanted to see how much of a foot I can have..
"Little Feet"?  Back to the Stanley 45....swap out cutters.    Going from a 1/4" straight cutter to a 3/16"  Tongue (Match) cutter...
Hardest part is getting things centered...but..
The 4 stiles for the end frames get this done....Tongue is to fit into  a 3/16" wide groove..
To form the glue joints for the corners of the chest.....

Got the all the 3/16" grooves done, today....was starting to get cramps in my toes.....as I use my legs to power the planes....got the first 2 cuts for the feet done, and stopped there..was a bit rough getting back up the stairs..

Stay tuned.....have Mortise and Tenon work coming up....and then try to raise a few panels using a #4 hand plane.....