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RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-04-2022

Late night, last night...had to rest up from the Runt Hunting...

Foot work is done...
About 15-20 minutes of work at the bandsaw...checking each layout, to make sure the cuts are where they are supposed to be...
And, making sure that the corners are matched up..

Then moved these aside...and try to make a few tenons (it was 11pm after all)..
The chest uses a front and back divider, between the 2 raised panels...Divider do not need to be "Haunched"   just a simple tenon...first 2 tries...tenon was a bit too thick...this is the 3rd try...mallet assisted...It is sitting in a 1/4" deep groove......I need to locate the exact center  of those long rails, and chop a 1/4" deep mortise into the bottom of the groove...Tenon is 1/2" long.  Was able to get the 2 dividers milled for tenons...
But...the rest will need a 1/4" x 1/4" notch....and, they will have to be on the correct side of the tenon, to fill in the exposed grooves.   And, have the best face facing to the outside of the chest..

Not a good task to do, when you are already tired out.

Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-05-2022

Next...Rails need a Haunched Tenon milled...similar to what I just finished up on the dividers..
At least on the grooved edge.....it's the other edge that is "different"   as I have to leave a "tab" to fill in the stile's groove. 
This is usually called a "Haunched Tenon"    notched to fill a groove, with the longer section to fill a mortise.

Blade height is still the same...I had to adjust where the fence was....so the right sized "tab" is left behind...took a few practice runs with the Pattern block....once the fence was set up.... 
Was a matter of one pass through, pull back to the top of the blade, and slide the rail out away from the fence...and repeat 15 times...
8 rails x 2 tenons....

Next up?   about 20 mortises to house all of the tenons, including the 4 for the dividers....need to reset the mortise jig.....last seen doing mortises into legs for a table...then install the jig on the bench.....hey, at least I get to sit down...while doing all that chopping. 

Further down the line, after the frames have been dry fitted together ( NO glue)  I have 6 panels that will need a raising...with a #4 hand plane...

Stay tuned,  I'm sure some cussing will be "required"....

RE: Next Project? - Bill Holt - 06-05-2022

Can't tell you how much I appreciate your posting.  There is not a whole lot of life in WN right now.  You make the visit worth while.

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-05-2022

For me to do mortises, most times...I need a jig.   So that once a part has a mortise laid out, I can clamp the jig, and not have to worry about chasing that part across the top of the bench.  Jig is simply 3 pieces of scrap wood...

Today, I needed to reset that jig a bit...was last seen doing mortises on Shaker legs...a bit thicker than the boards I am working with now...and, one of the "jaws" was splitting out....replaced that as well....just needed a few more SKINNY fingers....
New jaw is on the left, then a stile, then an older jaw...clamped so things won't move...and located where 2 screws could go....none of the old holes would line up exactly as needed, of course..so
Centered on the new jaw....a pilot hole/countersink bit was used to drill the 2 holes...then the screws were installed...
Released from the vise, removed the Stile..for a couple of minutes...and install the jig right over the top of the bench leg...NO bounce will be allowed...
3 screws.   Then the stile was inserted..
A rail was used for the lay out....stile slid back into the jig, and clamped up...
And the 1st pass with a chisel was done...repeat until..
Time for a dry fit?
Almost there, had a few small "crumbs" in the bottom of the mortise, holding things up a bit..
Then simply rotate and repeat..
1 mortise done, only 19 more to dao

Stay tuned....

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-07-2022

10 mortises are now done...
only 10 more to go....THEN I can start on the raised panels...and get them fitted to the frames...

Stay tuned for further up dates....

RE: Next Project? - stav - 06-07-2022

I'm liking it so far.  Nice work.

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-07-2022

3 hours IN the shop, today...11am to 1pm...kind of worn out...had to stop for Lunch, anyway...

Tasks for today?   Get the end frames assembled...by chopping more mortises...
2 more to go....goal being to be able dry fit the entire mess, to see how it will look...
And from the Front/Back ( haven't decided ,yet)
Then move this aside just enough to use the tablesaw....have to "nibble" on the dividers a little bit...until they just slip into place..
So..NOW I get to take this apart, to get the long rails out, and over to the bench...have the last 4 mortises to do..once I find the centers..
I can lay out for the mortise..and chop...
Test the fit..
Hmmm, one shoulder is fine, the other not?    Wide chisel to pare a little off as needed...shoulders weren't quite square...get enough mortises done to try a glue up, or 2..
Extra clamp is because one end wanted to be wider...pull it down until it matches the other end..set aside, try again..
I was also check that the divider was sitting square, and in the center of the mortise....this time, almost an inch difference between the ends...clamp as an "Equalizer".

Set this aside as well....need to clear the bench...

Stay tuned...was a BUSY day..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-07-2022

Ok...I am done with most of these tools...
And needed to clear off the bench for the next item on the list...so.."Clear for Action!"
Been a while since I've seen THAT much of the bench's top....

Next task involves these...
There are 6 panels sitting there...2 front, 2 back, and one for each end.   And, they will need to get a little flatter, first...we have ways..
It was either this, or the WR #62....the Stanley No.8c seems to work better at this...

Then need a jig cobbled up...
As the first step in raising a panel ( for me, anyway) is to plane a bevel on the end grain ends...then got out a few, very few, tools..
2 combo squares?   One is set up to mark the end grain as to where I will stop...the other shows how far back from the edge the bevel stops...as for the plane? 
A Millers Falls No.9 ( Stanley No.4 size) will be doing most of the bevel work,at least on the end grain...

Stay tuned..was a very busy Tuesday?

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-08-2022

And....we have bevels...
Do one end, rotate the panel....
Do the other end...flip the panel over...
Set up the Ward's #78 (Stanley) to mill a rebate...rotate..
Rebate the other end, clean up and fine tune with the #60-1/2....maybe run a scraper around, if needed...
Remove the panel from the jig, and set the next one in it's place..
Ready for tomorrow's shop time.   Panel can also be flattened sitting here...operation makes a LOT of shavings..
2 ends done...only 10 more to do....then reset the jig to do the long grain edges...

Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-09-2022

Ok, time to rethink things a bit...still have 22 bevels to do...AND 24 rebates, too....reset that jig a LOT.   Plus, flatten each and every panel....hmmm...maybe streamline things just a wee bit.....

Still have to flatten each panel, Jack plane for now, worry about smooth later..

Tablesaw?  Yes, this is a Hybrid Shop.   using the existing bevel to lay things out, tilt the blade about ~10 degrees...and set the fence with the existing standing vertically.

Once each panel was flat, run it through the tablesaw, standing vertically, rotate after each cut, until all 4 edges have a bevel..
Take the panel back to the bench, and clean up with a hand plane....either that Millers Falls No.9, or the Stanley No. 60-1/2..then set THAT panel aside, for now.....repeat all the above for the rest of the panels....can even smooth the faces of the panels, if need be...

Rebates:   Bevels done, return the saw blade to 90 degrees, check with a square.   Lower the blade to 1/4" height,  Measure between the fence and the outside of the blade, set the fence to 1/4" strong.   goal is to run each panel ( I got 4 out of 6 done) through on the flat, with the bevel up.   do each edge.   return panel to the bench...end grain waste was removed on the tablesaw ( nibbled off, like I do with tenons) Long grain waste was removed with the Stanley #45

Test the panels for fit in the grooves where the panels will be going..
Adjust by planing the bevels, looking for a slip fit...

Tablesaw to do the rough work, planes to finesse things.

So, after the end of 4 hours IN the shop, yesterday ( Hump Day?) and feeling the effects of working "overtime"   was able to dry fit the front and back assemblies..
What you'll see on the inside of the Hobbit Chest..
and, the outside ....haven't decided which will be the "Front" , yet..
And which will be the back.   even did a "pre-set" of some pipe clamps...

So, next time I hobble to the shop....I have to rebate the backs of the end panels...and fit them into the end frames..
Will have to reset the jig, too..
To better hold the shorter panels, while the Stanley #45 gets to work...

May take today off...too sore from yesterday....normal shop time is usually 1-2 hours....last 2 days was 3-4 hours each.    Had a "Gulley-washer" roll through the neighborhood last night....which caused Dungeon Creek to rise....might as well wait for things to dry out a bit....all wood parts were back on the tablesaw, and NOT on the floor....

Stay tuned...