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RE: Next Project? - stav - 06-10-2022

Coming along nicely. Although this thing is looking dangerously close to real furniture.  I'd be worried the missus is going to lay claim to it before you are allowed to put tools in there.  

RE: Next Project? - MarkSingleton - 06-10-2022

Greatly enjoying this build thread Bandit.

Never think your efforts to share with all of us are
unappreciated. It is always extra work to take pics
along the way, plus post them here later on.


RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-10-2022

Friday...had a 2hour time limit, for the shop, today...first off, a repair job....seems something had caused a couple splits to show up...Fixed the splits, and fixed the reason FOT the splits.....rebates were a hair to shallow...needed to deepen them without pulling the panels back out..we have ways...
Once that was fixed, add some glue and a few clamps..
Which promptly wiped out all of my long pipe clamps....set this aside, for now...along with the other side assembly that I can't glue up at the moment.....

Panels for the ends of the chest....need rebates..so..
Tablesaw to make the wall of the rebate..reset the jig to hold the smaller panels so I can work on the end grain ends first..
Wide chisel to pop the waste off..cleaned up with the router plane, still set to the depth needed for that fix earlier.  Do all 4 end grain ends..then reset to do the long grain sides..
got almost all the waste off...then clean it up..
There is also another step to all of this...after each rebate was done, the panel was flipped over, and the bevel fine tuned to fit the groove
And remove any saw marks left behind....want the bevels to meet in a nice 45 degree line from the field down to the corner of the panel

Was able to get to a dry fit..
What you'll see inside of the chest, and..
the outside....was trying to get some clamps set up..
But it was hard for the clamp's pads to stay put....may have to cut a notch for the pads?    Once the corner is glued up, what notch?

Swept the shop, let things sit a day, or two..
Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-11-2022

Row-Kay, Raggie...Late last night, I snuck back to the shop....cut 4 notches, and did a glue up.....

This morning.....Checked on that glue up..

Some of this morning's tasks were to clean off the top of the bench...needed the room...
It won't stay that way, for long...other end assembly needed notches made..
Only enough room for the clamp's pads, no more...remove the waste with a chisel,,,,and do a glue up..
Set this mess aside, for now....and clear off the tablesaw..
Rotate the saw to the left....set the first long side upon the tablesaw, WHEW....big pipe clamps down....remove the rest of the clamps, and set the assembly over on the bench....and then glue up the other long assembly....then set the day's other glue up on top, for now...

As for the 2 that came out of the clamps, this morning?   Both have had their glue joints cleaned up,,,both have been sanded...both have had their raised panels pinned so they won't slide side to side, but can expand and contract as needed...even tried a dry fit..no glue, yet..
As for seeing them notches?
What notches?  

Not too bad?   Spent 1 hour in the shop, this morning....now waiting on glue to dry...( why does it always dry faster on fingers?)

Stay tuned...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-12-2022

Other End is out of the clamps, now...cleaned up, and dry fitted...
And the other Long Side has been cleaned up, and flipped over..
Glue was spread onto all the tongues...3 clamps for each end...and another to pull diagonals...
Checked for square.    Was about 1/8" out..WAS...

Will let this sit a day or 2....then clean it up..the see about add some sort of bottom panel....sitting on cleats,   And then figure out a top of some sort..

Stay tuned

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-14-2022

Clamps came off this morning.   Floor is STILL to wet to do any work IN the shop....

1/4" plywood panel I was thinking about using for the bottom of the chest.....3" too narrow...and way too long.    And, while I could use solid wood, would make it way too heavy....I may add the cleats later, today....and buy a new panel, tomorrow.   Maybe miter the cleats at the corners?  

May glue up a panel for the lid....and see what happens....Bread board, or, frame and panel....

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-15-2022

Going to go and check on the shop's floor in a bit....to see IF it has dried out enough that I can do a wee bit of work down there....

Bought a new tablesaw blade, have the 1/4" x 24" x 48" plywood panel for the chest's bottom....have some better hinges, now.  

Will glue up a panel for the lid....then build a "collar" around that panel.   May leave the panel flat..or...raise the panel just a bit...?

First off...I need to make and install the cleats to support the plywood panel.....glued in place, with mitered corners...

Film at 2300hrs....

BTW: outside today, it hit 94 degrees...heat index was over 110 degrees....and..I do NOT do HEAT well....

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-15-2022

Wet floor?
Still a bit damp...
Ehhhh, could be....

Moved the chest around to better work on it..
And, since I can't get to the 4 larger Mitre Boxes in the shop..we have ways.
Millers Falls No. 1816....that I rehabbed a while back, including redoing the saw...seems to be sharp enough..

Cut and fit..and glue the 2 long cleats...
Needed a clamp to help out...
Short cleats on the ends....one needed cauls (more to protect the maple )
The other end, I was able to use pads on the clamps..
Then flip the case over, so I can walk past that forest of clamps...

As for the new tablesaw blade?
I'm running the same size with a DeWalt blade...3 yrs old,BTW...will see how this one works out...

Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-18-2022

Saw blade installed...plywood cut...
Test the fit..plane to adjust, re-test..
Bead of glue on the cleats, drop the plywood into the glue, add a few screws to keep it there...
Had already cleaned off all the glue joints...
Set the case back onto the tablesaw, for now.
 Brought 4 planks to the shop, picked out the best match...set the extra plank aside....got out a handsaw..
lay out a few cut lines..
Run the saw for a bit...Cardio Workout?
Saw still shaking?    goal was to get 3 blanks, to glue up into a panel for the lid...
Still need to joint all the edges, and match up the grain..

Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-19-2022

Jointed all 6 edges, as I wasn't quite sure which edge went where...picked out the showiest of the 3 planks...and called it the Center.  
Then, spent about a 1/2 hour this morning, jointing the other 2 boards...
Looking for high/low spots with a steel straightedge, and..
Checking for the edges to be square....edge #4 had some spalt going on..
Decided it could go against the Center board..
Center board on top....set these 2 aside, and work on the 3rd plank..
Checked to see which edge looked the best against the center board....clamped the 3rd board to the side of the bench...to pull it perfectly flat (slight bow), then added the other 2...bead of glue mooshed around...couple cauls to help stand things up....then a few clamps..
And then the rest of the clamps on the cauls....let this sit a day or 2....was a busy morning..
Need to free up the tablesaw, next time....have some parts to mill...into the collar to house this panel...which will soon be a Raised Panel.  

Stay tuned..