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RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-20-2022

Box set aside, and the tablesaw moved out to where I can use it...
Had too much barky edge for the panel...and tapers from a 1 x 6 to a 1 x 4..
With a few splits to boot, at this end...measured the long side of the box....I will need 2 blanks about 36-1/4" long....and 2 ends at 17" long..the first was easy,  crosscut it.

wasn't too happy with what remained...but...I did have a decent cut-off from the panel glue up...
So it got trimmed to 17" length....Ruler said I could get 2 cuts at about 2" width...so..
About 2-1/8" width, to allow for any edge jointing....ran both boards through, "good" side against the fence...which left a 1 x 1 x 17"   and Old Barky...
Along with these..
New blade, was cutting this Maple like Balsa wood....rip and crosscut.  Question now?
Would this make too tall of a lid...and, since I will need grooves to hide at the corners...
Thinking MAYBE a half blind dovetail(s) with the "tails" on the End pieces..sockets on the side pieces...

Pieces were trying to bow a bit after being ripped...
Figured I squeeze the bows shut, and let them sit like this a few days.

Need this "collar" milled up and dry fitted, then I can work on that panel to fit....I want the collar to match the top of the box, size-wise, with the 1/4" x 1/4" groove milled, then I can size the panel, raise it, rebate to under side....and then maybe assemble and glue the collar around it....we'll see how the week goes...

Spent about 20 minutes last night, on these 4 parts...made a mess, too..
"Clean up! Aisle #2"

Stay tuned...


RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-21-2022

Got bored, sitting around on a Monday night....changed into a "work" shirt, headed to the shop...camera in hand...

Big clamps taken off of the panel, left the cauls on the ends.   Moved the box off of the tablesaw, had work to do..
Felt a 2" thick lid was a tad too clunky looking..fence was set to 1-3/8" width....ran the 4 parts of the collar through,,,trying to also peel of any bad edge...
Used the box to get the exact length I needed for the longer sides of the collar...trimmed and squared those....thought I was done with the tablesaw...so, brought out the other "table"...
Router table, uses the same fence from the tablesaw...1/2" dovetail bit installed, fence still has the Start &STOP lines marked...same clamps as the tablesaw..
Goal here is to mill the sockets for the half blind dovetails into the ends of the Long Sides..1st cut...
Rotate, and do the other end, repeat for the other long side....then move the fence a bit away from the bit..2nd cut..
When all ends are done, router table gets put away,  tablesaw moved back to it's "Home Station"....box gets place back onto the tablesaw...and the lid..
That end piece sticking up on the end?    I marked how much length was needed to make the tails for the corner joints...laid an edge on those marks...
Hmmmm, THAT much needs to be cut off?    Can't use the tablesaw, and I do not trust the bandsaw to cut a squared line, so....we have ways..
Millers Falls No. 1816.....took about 18 strokes to cut through 3/4" depth....but, it is also glass smooth and square, no need to shoot it....even if I had a shooting board..

Tuesday's tasks...is to cut the tails to fit into the sockets....dry fit the 4 corners into a collar...mark each corner so I don't get things mixed up....
Both long sides are clamped together, to control any bowing...once the dry fit is done, I can see about that groove to house the panel.....

Then, trim the panel to size and squared up....then raise the show face, and rebate the inside face of the panel...might get the lid glued up by this coming weekend?
Stay tuned...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-22-2022

I suppose I had better up-date this.....spent 4 hours of shop time in the last 2 days.....hopefully I'm not boring everybody...

Tails:  I use the pins to do the layout of the tails..
Bandsaw to cut on the waste side of the lines, leaving the line ( or, trying to..) Sockets were also cleaned up, so the tails can fully seat..
Then work my way around to all 4 corners...
Just dry fits...as I have to take all of this apart...have..

Grooves:  First, while the collar is still together, I went around to each side, and made a "B" mark....normally that means "Bottom"  this time, just show which edge will get a groove.. Short ends first...
These 2 were the easier ones....as for the other 2 sides?
Longer than my arms can reach with a plane,  had to stop, take a step or 2 forward and continue to the end....I also checked for any high spots..
And checked that the grooves lined up...
Works for me.    assemble all the parts back together, and see how it fits the box's top...
And, set it on top of the panel that is to fit into those grooves..
Hmmm, will need to do some trimming?   Preset the clamps, and get the final size of the panel measured...
Panel will need to be 35" x 16"......

Which catches this blog up to this morning....and another 2 hours in the shop...
Stay tuned...

RE: Next Project? - stav - 06-23-2022

Looking good to me.  I was having trouble visualizing the top but now it is more clear.

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-23-2022

Ok, getting a panel down to size...started with the ends...need one end squared to the jointed long edge of the panel..
Just enough to get it square...then lay out for the saw guide..
Yep, the saw I'll use is a vintage one, SKIL Homeshop #520, 6"...need to measure from the blade to the outside of the saw's foot plate..and set the guide fence to that marking...
And make the cut...one hand to shove the saw along, the other to press the saw against the fence..
letting the scrap drop, for now..
And park the saw out of the way, for a bit...
While I repeat the steps from above...square referenced to the jointed edge...swing the panel 180 degrees, clamp to the bench, clamp the saw guide where it needs to be, make the cut...the cut line is 35" away from the first cut, BTW..panel is now cut for length...need to cut for width, next.

Panel width is to be 16"....measured the panel from the jointed edge....one  end is 16-3/4" wide...the other end is 17-1/8" wide...we have an unwanted taper
This is just the mark the cut line....needed a different guide...searched the scrap pile...found one that was straight AND long enough...

Tapered cut-off is headed for the scrap bin....might keep that guide strip, for a while....

Sawn edge did need jointed....saw wobble...so..
And the Cordless Jointer put to work....
Stanley No.8c...

Stay tuned...a LOT more to come....this was merely the first hour, yesterday....out of 2 total...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-23-2022

Part 2?    both panel faces needed flattened, and cleaned up...
and this was the "good side"?   even the ends had waves...
So...I have an old Craftsman/Dunlap/ Millers Falls Jack plane.....
Kind of beat up..set it a tad coarse, and Scrub-a-dub across the grain....then at a diagonal....getting the worse areas flatter, dried glue removed...then..
Flatten the "hills" left by the jack...both faces done....rebates are next...for a little bit
Cutter is a 5/16" wide cutter....as the 1/4" wasn't quite wide enough...depth stop is set to 1/4" depth...long sides first...this will give you a workout...my arms aren't quite long enough to push the plane 35"...
Checking for any wiggle of the plane...Was getting a bit tired...
And, my son just started up the clothes dryer...for his work clothes.....ok, just to see how the end grain will do...hmm, can't find the Stanley/Ward's No.78?    Stanley 45 is handy....couple passes, then a saw to make a cut where the plane exits the cut....trying to prevent any blow-outs..
Then sweep the floor, dryer is done, and so am I..hauled the clothes basket (FULL !) the camera ( Full?) and the Diet Mountain Dew (1/2 full)  upstairs and called it a day

That was yesterday....stay tuned for today's episode.....

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-24-2022

Yesterday...lasted about an hour and 15 minutes....and I almost couldn't make it back upstairs.....HEAT CRAMPS are ZERO FUN..

2 goals for that day...get the other 2 rebates milled..
May have set the 45 a tad too deep?

Had issues with the rebate on the end,though..
saw cut to prevent blow-outs, no spurs on this 45...wound up cutting a deep knife wall, too..
Finally, a router plane to clean things up...
Set to the same depth as the rest of the rebates...
flip the panel over, lay out a stop line for the first bevel...
I WAS going to do the Paul Sellers way, with that KK-4....but..works fine for small raised panels...NOT ones that are 16" x 35"...we have other ways..
Mr. McRough, and Mr. McFine......rough out the bevel, clean and level it...test fitted..

Do both ends like this...then whichever long edge is hanging over the edge of the bench..

Got the 3rd bevel done ( all the while, wondering why my toes are cramping up?)

Decided to just sweep up for the day..was getting too soaked with sweat ( dripping on Maple , does not help the planes)
Almost a 5 gal. bucket load...in just over an hour?   Got this picked up and into the burn barrel can...then....could not move...everything that could move..CRAMPED up...barely able to walk, let alone climb the stairs.....finally able to hobble to the computer desk, inhale a jug of Zero G Gatorade...called it  a day...

Of Planes & Cramps

Still have one more bevel to do, before I can start a glue up of this lid.....and buy MORE Gatorade....don't think Beer will help, much...
Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-26-2022

Heat Cramps are NOT fun....Next day, I tried the shop AFTER it had cooled down ( Friday evening)   as a couple tasks needed to be done.    There was also a "change of Planes"....not plans, ...Planes.

On the long bevel...I was trying to use either of these 2..
To make a 10 degree bevel on the edge of the lid...35" long....little Jack just was taking too many swipes, and had a cambered edge, when I needed the bevel to be flat...as for the No.8c....try holding a 10 pound plane at that 10 degree slope, and not tip it over.....works nice as a jointer, or to flatten a panel.....needed something in-between..
How about a Jumbo Jack?  In this case a Millers Falls No.15.....iron is straight edged...not as heavy as the jointer, nor quite as wide...easier to control, and less effort to scoot along ( with a bit of candle wax on it's sole)...

Rotate the panel 180 degrees, and lay out the last bevel...
And..there was a few rough spots in the "field"...we have ways..
Amazing what a new burr can do for a scraper....ok, shavings...First few will be just narrow ribbons, widening out until the bevel is just about done..
But, unlike the other day (full of cramps) I did remember to stop and take breaks, and so did Old Jumbo....
Bevel has been roughly formed,  time to fine tune the fit of the collar piece.....2 other planes helped out....
The WR #62 leveled things out, and smoothed it down ( no sanding here) while the Millers Falls No.9 worked and a spot in the center that was a hair too thick...but I didn't need it to go the full length....just a short 12" or so stretch right in the center of the length...test fits were made...until..
Piece fits!

Stay tuned, more to come...including a glue up!

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-26-2022

Ok...all the bevels are done....I wanted to dry fit the collar one last time....
Mainly I wanted things clamped up where they will go together.....seems the top of the collar, on the inside was a sharp 90 degree corner....thinking a small cove would help out...
Depth setting so the the bearing still had a place to run on....so...
Ran the router where I could, rotate the collar/clamps around, and finish the cut....will fine tune the corners after this is glued up

Glued up?   Lots of assists from a mallet....and some blue clamps....one of the long collar sides was trying to bow a bit...making it rough to fully seat it..
2 in the middle..the ones on the ends to close gaps in the corner joints...then 2 big pipe clamps..
With a 3rd "IF Needed" in the middle...let this sit a day....so that yesterday...I removed all the clamps...
Then cleaned up the 4 glue joints...
Looks a bit better?   Then see how it fits on the top of the chest....and see where I need to fine tune away any high spots..
Like that back corner....and..maybe..
A spot out in front?   I also dug around for a set of latches...left over from another project...that they didn't quite fit..
Thinking of using both of these...each one centered over the front raised panels...and maybe a brass handle in the center?  

Need to get the chest OFF of my tablesaw, and down onto the shop floor...where I can just sit on it, and level the top edges.   The mortise out for the hinges...and maybe install them?   Might even install the latches?     Don't have any handles, as of yet..( next payday?) and am trying to decide on a finish...have a scrap doing a test right now...

Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - Arlin Eastman - 06-26-2022

love the wood and great looking project so far.  I can not wait to see the rest