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RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-27-2022

3 tasks to do, and not much time to do them...
Start with those pads for the feet..easy to do, don't have to move the chest, just yet..
Just center them up, and hammer them into place.   next?

Wanted the chest down on the shop floor, easier to just sit down on my shop stool, and chop hinge mortises...but where to sit this thing?
Well..IF I shove the tablesaw back as far as I can go, and (HORRORS!) sweep the floor...
But, this puts my fat body between the work and the overhead shop lights...we have ways..
To get back into the spotlight.   went to layout for the hinges..there was a problem..
I do not like the gap...we have ways...
Set up the Monarch Vise in the end vise of the bench...squeeze  both hinges until the gap is closed up, hammer assist to align the pin straight...then put the vise away, and lay out where the hinges will go...
Again, another "problem"....Normally, I lay a hinge at the corner of the box..make a mark, shift the hinge over that mark....the space of ONE hinge from the corner of a box.   Not this time....there is a T&G joint in the way....so..we go 2 hinge widths from the corner.  

Lay out a few tools, set the lid up out of the way, too...
had to strop that width chisel, before I could start in..

  Timer was set at 60 minutes...already used over half of that..might get some OverTime, on a Sunday?

Stay tuned..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-27-2022

Turned the chest about degrees so me and the shop stool had room to work.    Chisel to struck 3 times moved a little bit repeat , until I reach the other line..pop some of the waste out....decided to set up a plane to level things up...
Issues seemed to be a trend, today....tried this the normal way...it didn't quite span the mortise...tried to rotate the iron on the inside....Veritas !/4" cutter will not fit in that set up...BUT, IF I moved the cutter to the outside..it worked just fine...at least enough to test fit a hinge...
Moved down to the other end, and repeat, for the other hinge..

Leave both hinges in place...set the lid down on top of everything...make sure things line up between the lid and the chest...make a mark on each edge of both hinges...

Only place available to sit the lid, and secure so I can chop 2 more mortises?    Sit it upside down right on top of the chest ( moved the hinges!)  and clamp the lid in place...same routine with the mallet and chisel....and the plane.   Set the lid aside, for a little bit ( Timer just dinged?)  and set up to install the hinges...
Different tool set...
VIX bit to center a starter hole in the hinge's screw holes...the other drill is a 2-part set-up...First is a pilot hole drill bit, the correct size for the hinge screws, then..
Pull the end out, rotate, and it will then drive the screw....
1st hinge installed..plan being to install the hinges onto the chest, first.

Then...pull the tablesaw back out a bit, slap 2 slabs of scrap on top of the saw...lift the chest up and onto those 2 slabs....grab the lid, and slide it into place...install 1 screw.....go to the other hinge, install 1 screw...then work my way in towards the center hinge screw..
Details....step back a bit..
Close the lid a few times, checking the fit...park the drills elsewhere...90 minutes in the shop?   I also tried out a sample stain/shellac  on a piece of scrap Spalted Maple..
Was hoping the shellac would darken the stain....not too happy with this...too yellow.  

Decided to wait until today, to try a different stain combo, and add the Latches to the chest....

Stay tuned...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-27-2022

Monday Morning...getting woke up by the sounds and nasty SMELLS of a crew repaving the street out in front of the house..yuck.

Laundry Detail, this morning, as well....might as well get a wee bit done?
Excuse the mess...need to center the latches with the center line of the raised panels...
14" wide panel = 7" to the center....gather a few tools..
Something to mark where to put the screws at, a drill for the pilot holes for the screws ( old candle to wax the threads) and a Ratchetool to drive the screws.....and a square to help line things up....
Mainly to set where the hooks are from the top edge of the lid...
All latched up tight...repeat for the other latch...

Stain/amber shellac sample....a NO-GO at this station.    Dumped the little can of stain into the quart can of Witch's Brew, gave that a good stir..try again on the other face of the scrap..
This is just the stain..later, I gave this a coat of the Amber Shellac.....liked things better without the shellac....may just go with poly gloss?   We'll see...stay tuned

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-28-2022

Router has been changed over to a round-over bit..
Then every outside, hard 90 degree corner was rounded over..
With no handles to help move this 80+ pound box around...back just might complain, after a while...

After each side/end/and the top was visited by the router...it also got a visit from the sander...
EVERY surface got sanded....then back onto the top of the tablesaw, again....for more flipping and flopping around....
More of turning than flipping over....once the bottom edges were stained....

1st coat of Witch's Brew Stain....later this evening, a second coat will go on the spalted areas...as they were like an old sponge.....brush some stain on, SLURP, what stain?

Maybe tomorrow I can see about a coat of varnish over all of this thing?   

Stay tuned.....

RE: Next Project? - mound - 06-28-2022

that spalting is a great look!

RE: Next Project? - stav - 06-28-2022

Wow, nice.

Is that 80lb full or empty?

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-28-2022

Empty......other than the plywood floor, it is solid 3/4" Spalted Maple...

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-29-2022

A photo up-date...
Front view, after a coat of Amber Shellac..
And a view of one of the ends...
Around back with the hinges, and..
Looking down along the top....not enough Varnish on hand IN the shop, may just add a few more coats of the Shellac.....

Have not decided on doing the insides, yet....as it takes FOREVER to get the smell out....Maybe just a wash coat of Witch's Brew, with the poly mixed in?

Need to go handle shopping!    Brass ones, of course....one for the front of the lid, and one on each end...

Stay tuned

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-29-2022

Handles (3) have been bought, along with 2 cheapo paint brushes..Lowes, with my 10% Mil. Discount...

Amber Shellac has now been thinned from the normal 2 pound cut to about a 1 pound cut.....thinking maybe 2 coats left in the can...we'll see.

Handles are a "Cup" shape....thinking maybe adding washers to the bolts for the end  handles...we'll see..

The New Yankee Workshop made a similar blanket chest in Season #1.....one 1/2 hour show......has taken me about 5 weeks, so far.....hmmm...

Stay tuned...film at 2300 hrs, I hope..

RE: Next Project? - bandit571 - 06-29-2022

Just a PIP.....will rub this out in the morning, and see about a 3rd and final coat...so...
From the front, lid closed, and latched...
And with the lid opened....

Ends are starting to look good?
Although it looks like it,  these raised panels do not stand proud of the frames.....they are flush with the face of the frames. 
Hinge side...kind of drab looking?

Need to start clearing off the benchtop....
Ya think?

Going to be "fun" (NOT) getting this Chest up the stairs to where it belongs....tain't light...
Stay tuned..