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Moxon Hardware - tablesawtom - 06-08-2022

I have a set of moxon hardware for sale for $115 shipped It includes (2) 3/4-6 acme threaded rods 8 inches long. 4 acme nuts and 4 thick washers.



Thanks for considering them.


RE: Moxon Hardware - FrankAtl - 06-15-2022

PM sent............

RE: Moxon Hardware - Tapper - 06-15-2022

I bought a set of this hardware from Tom. It is quality merchandise and Tom is a quality guy to deal with.


RE: Moxon Hardware - tablesawtom - 06-19-2022

Still available.


RE: Moxon Hardware - gregbois - 06-20-2022

PM Sent
Thank You

RE: Moxon Hardware - tablesawtom - 06-22-2022

I have an extra set so it is still available.