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Duck Call Turners - firefighter - 06-12-2022

Looking for a new challenge. I would like to try game calls. 

1.Where do you find a Mandrel? 
2. Any good sources for supplies?

Thanks for any input.

RE: Duck Call Turners - AHill - 06-13-2022

Craft Supplies USA sells duck call kits. They say you can use a standard pen mandrel to turn them.

RE: Duck Call Turners - Wildwood - 06-14-2022

Been years since had their catalog, don’t even know if they still offer one, but check this site out. www.hutproducts.com

Most of your pen kit suppliers sell game calls, not sure they offer variety of supplies HUT has to offer.

RE: Duck Call Turners - firefighter - 06-15-2022

Thanks for the sources. Looking at videos and websites.