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Woodpeckers DP-Pro Drill Press Table System - Jack01 - 07-01-2022

Today I watched video on Woodpeckers DP-Pro Drill Press Table System
Seems interesting, has anyone have experience in this ?
Following is the link.


RE: Woodpeckers DP-Pro Drill Press Table System - cpolubin - 07-01-2022


I have the Pinnacle branded version of that system. A number of years back it appears Woodpecker made some of their products for Woodcraft under the Pinnacle brand. At least they were identical except they were black instead of red.

I've been very happy with the system for more than 10 years. Would replace it with the same if needed.


RE: Woodpeckers DP-Pro Drill Press Table System - MstrCarpenter - 07-01-2022

Just watched the video (it's tolerable at 1.5 speed). It looks like a nice system, but over $500? I have a (free) 6' length of 4080 aluminum extrusion and a 1' x 4' length of 3/4" melamine on my drill press. I admit, I don't have the chuck clearance nor dust collection, but I can flip it flat and sweep the floor. I haven't had time to get it all set up yet, but I recently acquired a Bridgeport milling machine. It's ready to run but I really want a three axis digital read out on it.

RE: Woodpeckers DP-Pro Drill Press Table System - tablesawtom - 07-06-2022

I am sorry but I think most if not all of woodpeckers stuff  is way overpriced.  Pretty red color though. If you move the table up or down or it gets twisted than all the line marking go out of alignment. Out board supports can be added to a piece of plywood mounted on the table.  The handiest thing I saw was the adjustable stop but once I fid my first cross hair. I have several MDF blocks  keep in the drawer an id I want to move the board over 4 inches I set the stop and then insert the 4 inch block in and it is moved 4 inches.  That is how the old jig borers that can hold a location within .0001 of an inch worked. Used  straight line micrometers ,rod and indicators.

If your shop is a show ( see what I have) and tell ( this is how I do it) but nothing ever gets built then by all means it is a must have item. But if things get built then the $500 plus dollars buys a lot of wood and a lot of more needed tools and shop supplies.

My disclaimer is I get still get suckered in quite often even now after 50 years so what I wrote is just my opinion. But then I have an x-y table on my drill press with a half nuts for moving the table instead of the fence so what do I know.