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Something to build with - bandit571 - 07-04-2022

For a July Project of some sort...
Spalty...barky   Maple..
Maybe more under development?

2 out of 3  of the 1x 6 planks in the shop....#3?
Like a Viking Tool Chest lid?   Other side?
Hmmm...waiting on a "cut list"...would like to show off the live edges..

BTW: there are still 2 more planks upstairs, but they aren't quite as "showy"  

Stay tuned...

RE: Something to build with - stav - 07-06-2022

A Viking tool chest?  Need a spot to store your battle axe? 

Should be a fun project.

RE: Something to build with - C. in Indy - 07-06-2022

Viking tool chest?   Who'd carry one of those?   
Smile      Me....


RE: Something to build with - bandit571 - 07-06-2022

Plans have been altered.....
Decided to do a bit of cutting....that UGLY board?
These are the un-usable  parts...the section I can try to use..
Will rip the bark stuff away..leaves about 2-3/8" wide of good wood...

The 2 longer boards...cut the spalted sections away from the plain sections...also found a leftover from the last Project..
Edges were tapered, needed to rip things down a bit to clean up the now parallel edges...had 8 parts to mill..
Finally, get to see what I do have here...

Hmm...maybe a lap style Writing Desk?   The spalted ones for the hinged lid...the rest for the sides....Parts seemed a bit thick....maybe resaw down to ~5/8" thickness? 

Stay tuned....

RE: Something to build with - iclark - 07-06-2022

The "unusable" boards in the first pic look like they might be a good size for a post-office-box-door piggy bank (after re-sawing to thickness).

RE: Something to build with - bandit571 - 07-06-2022

Decided to resaw these boards down to 5/8" thickness....set up the "Kerf Kutter"
Ok. 2 boards out of the 8 were set aside, for some other use....2 other boards needed just 2 passes each....to get to roughly 5/8" thick..

The 4 boards that are 5" and wider?  Ran those through along all 4 edges...which still left over an inch wide strip to saw, right down the center line

Can't trust the Bandsaw...too wavy of a cut....Olde School, Maybe?
Disston D (no hyphen) 8 Rip saw, 5-1/2 PPI, 28" length.  1st board was almost 40" long...will use that to make all three sides...however, the rest of the boards weren't quite as long....switched over to the end vise..
Had to watch out...that last stroke wants to hit the top of the bench..off-cut just drops away. leaving..

Some of the resaws were just set aside, for now..
2 were selected to make a glued up panel for the lid...and needed planed..
One needed cut for length, to match the other one...
With a Disston Panel saw...a D-8, 10 ppi, 20" saw..
Then the edges were jointed..
Then a glue up was done..
Will let this sit a day, or 2....while I figure out the rest of the sizes I need to cut......2 narrow Spalted boards,  one will be above the lid ( and hinged) while the other will be the "front" of the desk.....then we'll see what I will need on the inside.....only been 7 years since I last built one of these.

Stay tuned.....BTW...I also got my Cardio Workouts, both days,,

RE: Something to build with - bandit571 - 07-07-2022

Well, this morning's work session....I got a bit overheated, again....called it quits when the first cramp appeared....but...
Can't use the tablesaw at the moment...piled high with parts, it is....I had laid out one side of this desk....needed to cut it free, trace around it, and cut the other side piece...
We do have a mitersaw....then over to the bandsaw...
Rough out the first side ( that is the cut-off) and then trace around for the second side...and cut it out....Then match them up...plane the slope smooth on both at the same time,,,and give the short, flat stretch a swipe as well....Which left the 4 faces, as I hadn't decided which will be the "show" faces....might as well..
Plane all 4 smooth....a thin strip across the vise, to hold the tapered end up...
Plane is a Millers Falls No.11, Type 2....getting used a lot on this Project...Sides are milled, and set aside.    Next was the piece across the top, where the hinges connect to the lid...and..the piece that goes across the front....Both needed planed flat...we have ways..
One end needed squared off....Stanley No.358 can do that task...then needed to know how long to make both of these...meant the lid had to come out of the clamps and get cleaned up..
Might as well, right?   then mark two pieces for length, and cut those....then set most of the parts together?    Well, I also needed a board for the back...marked that and cut that.....Mitre box is getting a work out, and so am I....
Sitting on the lid, at the moment,,,,have NOT planed the back board smooth, yet.....
Trying out ways to connect this corner....may try half blind Dovetails?   We'll see...

Was a busy day, again..
Finished sweeping this mess up, when the toes started to cramp....

Stay tuned...

RE: Something to build with - ChuckHill - 07-08-2022

That is some interesting wood, I am looking forward to seeing how this comes out.

Just to torture me, how much did that stock cost you?

RE: Something to build with - bandit571 - 07-08-2022

For the 3 boards I am using....$7

RE: Something to build with - ChuckHill - 07-08-2022

<sound of grown man crying>