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Set up time - bandit571 - 07-10-2022

Depends...with, or without stopping to take the pictures....Start with this box..
Open it up...
This is a Type 20, from Roxton Pond, QUE. CAN.    Need the Main stock and a cutter..
1/4" wide, SHARP cutter....next..
Won't need the long rods, so these short ones will work just fine ( like the screwdriver?) Next..
With cutters 1/4" wide and up, I add the Sliding Stock to help support the cutter...also a place for me to hold onto...next..
The fence helps align the plane with an edge...so the groove I am cutting will be in the same place....1/4" in from the bottom edge of the board.  Set with a combo square, check that both ends of the fence are the same distance....

Should be ready..
Just have to knock the 4 parts apart, and set up a way to hold them to the bench...
Without taking all the photos...set up was under 5 minutes.   
That screwdriver....a Millers Falls No. 6.......I don't have the Stanley one..

These are fun planes to use....

RE: Set up time - ChuckHill - 07-10-2022

Interesting!  I'd not known that Roxton Pond made the specialty Stanley planes as well.