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Rigid 'Packouts' on sale at HD - ajkoontz - 07-25-2022

If anyone is in the market for a poor man's packout type system, the Rigid is on sale at HD right now, at least in my area. I got the roller plus 2 small boxes for ~$90. I think the roller+medium box+ small box is right around $100. I don't think these are as rugged as the Milwaukee but for the price seemed like a good compromise. Probably not a big enough savings to justify unless you're already in the market but still marked down quite a bit from the regular prices.

RE: Rigid 'Packouts' on sale at HD - shifty - 07-25-2022

I have had very good luck with the Rigid packout's. I have several different ones and have been happy with all of them.

RE: Rigid 'Packouts' on sale at HD - atgcpaul - 07-29-2022

That's about the price I paid for them almost 5 years ago. They've traveled with me to two overseas postings and held up really well. I've been able to pack them very full. I especially like the rubber gasket under the lid that helps keep moisture out.

RE: Rigid 'Packouts' on sale at HD - bhh - 08-28-2022

Just as an aside, Milwaukee and Ridgid (and Ryobi) are made by the same company (TTI)