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Woodsmith plan dimensions missing - jpangelini - 07-26-2022

I have been a Woodsmith subscriber since the first issue and I look forward to every issue.  But, I noticed that in the last year or so (maybe more) there are no overall plan dimensions on any of the projects.  In the past they have shown the dimensions in a Construction Overview.  I have to do some math to get the height, width and depth.  Often, that is the first thing I need to consider about a project.  Too big?  Too small? Do I need to modify the plan?  For example, in #262, how tall, wide and deep is the hutch on page 40?  Also, the Construction Overview is now gone.

Another question:  If I find an error or have a suggestion about a plan, where do I submit it?  There should be a link for that on Woodsmith.com.

RE: Woodsmith plan dimensions missing - fredhargis - 07-27-2022

It appears to be 37" wide, 20 3/4" deep, and 77" tall. No idea where to send suggestions, but they do have a CS number listed. 800-333-5075