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Interesting old buck saw: insights welcome - Jeff Holmquist - 07-30-2022

I recently picked up this saw, and I'm getting ready to fettle it into shape for use.  It has a very interesting straining/tensioning system in that it has a quick release mechanism.  I haven't seen anything like this before, but I'll bet that someone here has.

The straining system is based on two steel triangles formed from 9/32" rod.  The two triangles are linked by a cast (?) oval ring with two arms for leverage.  When the arms are parallel to the blade, the short dimension of the oval binds the two triangles, pulling them together.  When the arms are perpendicular to the blade, the long dimension binds the triangles, and the strain is relaxed.  The arms have an indentation that grips the rod on each side, locking the apparatus in place when the saw is tensioned.  Fine tuning of the default stain is accomplished with a wing nut on a section of threaded rod that protrudes through one cheek.

The mechanism works perfectly, though it adds some weight.  Unfortunately, the saw seems to have been left tensioned for decades, as is often the case, resulting in a bowed stretcher.  I don't know yet if that's a problem or not.  Blade is 2" x 30", 5 ppi.

The previous owner believes the saw to have been made in the 1920s or '30s, and an earlier owner was known to have used the saw as a tradesman in Ontario.  No etching or maker's mark that I can discern so far.

Has anyone seen one of these before?  Thanks for any insights that you may have.  -- Jeff


RE: Interesting old buck saw: insights welcome - Alan S - 07-30-2022

That is an interesting tensioning system, though it does look heavy.