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quick afternoon CNC project - Rob Young - 09-12-2022

Needed a little tripod mounted "table" at work for supporting an experiment that also needs to know its angular displacement (i.e. where am I pointing). The exact direction isn't important, only that they be able to determine to about 5 degrees how far they have rotated over the course of their experiment.

Easy job for a CNC and some quick CAD work.


About 8" x 8" of 1/2" MDF, a 1/4-20 T-nut, a bit of shellac to seal things and a bit of white acrylic to pop the markings.

Now I just hope they don't bust my tripod.

RE: quick afternoon CNC project - jteneyck - 09-14-2022

Trying to do that by hand would gave taken 10X longer. The cnc makes it fast and easy. Nice little project.