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Wood question for the Texans - atgcpaul - 09-19-2022

My wife just buried her father (he passed away last October) in a military funeral and has his folded flag in her luggage. He was a Texan through and through and grew up north of Dallas before moving overseas. He died in TX.

I want to make his flag case using a wood from Texas. I can think of mesquite, pecan, and post oak (close enough to white oak?). Anything else I should consider?


RE: Wood question for the Texans - Gary G™ - 09-19-2022

Sorry for your family’s loss.
Texas ebony is another.

RE: Wood question for the Texans - iclark - 09-19-2022

Sorry for your family's loss.

Depending on what color wood you want, your might also consider

Eastern Hophornbeam aka TX Ironwood


Osage Orange.

RE: Wood question for the Texans - AHill - 09-20-2022

While I no longer live in Texas, I do have 18 years as a Texan in McAllen, Fort Worth, and El Paso.

Live oak has a very distinct grain, but it's also somewhat unstable and has a tendency to twist, cup and warp due to built-up stresses before milling., Mesquite is not only native to Texas, but it's a hard and stable wood. Mills beautifully and if you can get golden mesquite, it'll be even better.

Pecan is related to hickory and would also make a good choice. I'm leaning toward mesquite.

RE: Wood question for the Texans - Bill Holt - 09-20-2022

Mesquite, my first choice, is amazing to work, so stable and beautiful.  I grew up with it everywhere!!!  But I don't think you will find it in East Texas or South Texas (I'm no expert).  Pecan also is an excellent choice.

RE: Wood question for the Texans - KC - 09-22-2022

Absolutely mesquite over the others listed.

AHill mentioned 'golden' mesquite... which I never heard in all my years of working Texas 'honey' mesquite.  I did work some out-of-texas mesquite that was noticeably lighter in color (and didn't seem to work as well) but can't remember where that was from.  Arizona maybe.  Also worked with some from Mexico that was definitely different.