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Odies Oil over Transtint Dye - Motor 12 - 09-26-2022

I am experimenting with Odies Oil and Transtint Dye.  I am making a Craftsman style grandfather clock from quarter sawn white oak.  I applied a coat of water based Transtint Dye to a test piece and then top coated it with Odies Dark Oil with a bit of powdered dye mixed in.  The result is a nice base color with dark highlights from the pores being filled with the darker Odies oil/wax finish.  It looks great.  The tinted Odie's by itself just does not provide the depth of color I am looking for which is why I am using the Transtint as a base color. It seems that the Odies would offer enough protection for the water based dye.  Just curious of anyone has tried Odies on top of a water based dye and if there were any issues down the road.  Just don't want to finish the entire piece and run into undesirable results later on as time goes on.  Thanks in advance for any insights!