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Finishing Stair Treads (Retrotreads) - lincmercguy - 10-19-2022

I'm starting my stair tread project up again.  Obviously, it's easier to finish the treads before installation.  However, to match my flooring, I use a couple of treatments of Transtint mixed with distilled water before staining and polyurethane.  

My concern is that if I use this on the treads before installation, they will warp.  The retrotreads are 5/8" thick.  I've tried using Transtint mixed with DNA previously, and it didn't work that well.  It's usually very dry here, so it flashed off very quickly.

Any other ideas?

RE: Finishing Stair Treads (Retrotreads) - lincmercguy - 10-21-2022

I tinted one and tried to dry it off as quickly as I could with a cloth and then some compressed air and a fan. I didn't have any noticeable change after a couple of days. I'm moving ahead with the rest.

RE: Finishing Stair Treads (Retrotreads) - jteneyck - 10-23-2022

You could always do both sides of the treads with the dye solution to keep it balanced.