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Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - George Denecke - 11-02-2022

Is there any real need to have your forced hot air furnace ducts cleaned??
Last year we downsized into a 50 year old home with better creature comforts for our old age. Good records were kept & I discovered we're on the 3rd furnace, natural gas fired & condensing. That, along with a 20 year old metal roof, convinced me that we could live out our lives here reasonably well. 
My wife  seems to notice more surface dust around and also noticed ads for duct cleaning as a solution in the $700 range.
This appears to be a solution in search of a problem but I need more opinions to make my case. No, I don't need to fill up my turn signal fluid either. 

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - EatenByLimestone - 11-02-2022

I think there’s a benefit to it, but without dust allergies, mold issues, etc I don’t think it’s needed.

But if your wife says you need it, you do.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - Woodenfish - 11-02-2022

Once in a while I’ll turn my furnace fan to “ON” and then go around the house starting at the second floor with my electric leaf blower and blast air into the return ducts for a few minutes each. No need to remove any grill covers on the wall, just blast the air and watch all the dust build up go down inside the wall returns. I continue downstairs working furthest away from the furnace to the closest. I then let the blower run an additional hour before shutting it down. I finish up with changing the furnace filter and that job is done. While I have the blower in the house I also use it to clean out my dryer duct. I put a towel around the blower and exhaust vent and then turn it on which sends all that build up outside. Easy-peezey and I don’t feel ripped off.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - K. L. McReynolds - 11-02-2022

Our 2500 sq. ft. house was built in 1965. Several owners(have spoken with original builder and all but last tenants). Last tenants spent 5 years tearing up the yard and causing a lot of damage(dogs) to interior. We bought the house as a repo, spent 30 days rehabbing and cleaning. Paint, new flooring, doors, etc.

When done with that, had a reputable company come clean the ductwork(three different furnaces/AC units).

The techs admitted the duct work was really pretty clean. Not really much crud and very little embedded dirt.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - Snipe Hunter - 11-02-2022

If your house is dusty and there's no obvious reason for it, get them cleaned. Aside from that, mold would probably be the only reason to clean them. I do mold assessments and once in a while I find high levels coming from supply registers. You can usually open the HVAC condenser cabinet and see if it exists in the ducts. It will be on the interior of the cabinet.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - blackhat - 11-02-2022

I normally tell folks that after construction and when moving into a place. You don’t know what the previous left behind. Take a look at how the furnace filter fits, if air can leak past. Buy mid priced filters and check/change them often.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - Cabinet Monkey - 11-02-2022

Not a SCAM

However, whether or not YOUR ducts need cleaning will depend on many factors.

I've personally had a furnace malfunction until a savvy tech tool a look at the blower  - which turned out to be caked in dust/lint causing an overheating fault.  As a precaution I had the ducts cleaned and a couple were dirty while most were spic and span.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - Snipe Hunter - 11-03-2022

Blackhat hit on something. I remodeled my current house and my last house. Built walls, moved walls etc. A lot of drywall work. Dust will always be there unless the ducts are cleaned.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - KC - 11-03-2022

(11-03-2022, 05:48 AM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: Blackhat hit on something. I remodeled my current house and my last house. Built walls, moved walls etc. A lot of drywall work. Dust will always be there unless the ducts are cleaned.

We had ours done ealier this year.  Lot of stuff in the bag when they were done.  Dust is noticebly less.

RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam?? - brianwelch - 11-04-2022

The process is not a scam, but there are a number of less than reputable firms offering their services...we hired one just before our first child was due...they never even removed the registers, so I made them come back and do it again...on their dime...