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Woodmaster 718 - MGoBlue1984 - 11-11-2022

Anyone use the sanding mode with this machine? I was gifted one and wonder if the expense of the sanding attachment is worth it?

RE: Woodmaster 718 - WoodCzech - 11-17-2022

I have one.  I mostly used it to resurface reclaimed boards.  Coarse belts to take off the old finish and worked up to smooth.  Also used it to sand glued up panels.  It works fine for me, but it is the only drum sander I have ever used so I don't know how it compares to other sanders.  The sander mode requires a larger pulley than for planer for slower speed, so be sure it's there.

But mine came with the machine.  I see that new kit is $350.  Still cheaper than buying a dedicated sander if you need one.  On the other hand, changeovers between modes take some time so if one needs to go between plane and sander often, that would become a pain.  I have a separate planer so my Woodmaster is really just an expensive drum sander