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RE: What the heck is this? - iclark - 12-23-2022

(12-23-2022, 11:33 AM)Keith Pitman Wrote: A while ago I started putting small parts that belong to something in a plastic bag with a note about what it is or what it goes to.  Of course, I have lots of parts from before I started labeling with no notes.

Great idea. I did something similar for pen turning washers. I put them in a parts bin (one style per bin compartment) along with the tag with the model number. The downside is that some of the models are now discontinued and can be hard to match up the model number with the pen kits that they go with. I need to do a better job of labeling (include kit name) going forward.

RE: What the heck is this? - KyleD - 12-24-2022

I am probably too late to this post to do any good but... I looked at some of the hardware in the picture and thought I have seen that kind of stuff before. It finally dawned on me where. Could some of that hardware- especially the larger bent rods be from a clear grinding shield on a bench grinder from the past?