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Yost Patternmaker's Vise, WA - CharlesinSEA - 11-20-2022

This one has some damage, some of which is easy to deal with, but I'm not sure it all is. The moving jaw has a cracked section out of the top, as well as a cracked section in the middle. Both these can be covered by either a steel plate or a plywood sacrificial face without issue. More importantly, the mechanism to taper the jaws seems to work, but is loose. I think that inside the open spot in the center of the jaw the bearing surface to control jaw motion was damaged.

The handle pivot has a section cracked off (same as my other vise) but again seems perfectly functional. Even has what appears to be the original wood handle!

Includes appropriate tilt mechanism base/handle and bar. The bar has been bent, but could likely be bent back easy enough. The stainless hex cap screw is an aftermarket addition. For that BLING factor.

This is being sold as a parts vise, but it might be a user if the taper mechanism can be worked out. Photos below and more and at high resolution at the Google drive link.


Local pickup in Issaquah, WA for $200 or shipped for $300 plus actual shipping cost.

RE: Yost Patternmaker's Vise, WA - CharlesinSEA - 11-20-2022


RE: Yost Patternmaker's Vise, WA - CharlesinSEA - 12-04-2022

Bump. Someone give me a best offer, preferably with local pickup!

RE: Yost Patternmaker's Vise, WA - CharlesinSEA - 07-01-2023

Bump and price reduction to:

$125 local pickup
$225 plus actual costs to get shipped.