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SOLD Kreg K5 pocket hole jig - alanealane - 12-26-2022

Just bought a foreman pocket hole machine, so I can't justify keeping the K5 around. I literally used it once for about 8 pocket holes. Never used the step bit that comes in the kit. So other than a little dust and the little pack of pocket screws is gone, no apologies. But it's a discontinued model, so let me know if you want to make a deal or want more detailed photos. I think $65 shipped to lower 48 is fair. But we can talk. First PM to commit gets it. PayPal non-f&f, Venmo, or check (if I know you from the wn forums)
[Image: 52588208804_a8f6b14248_c_d.jpg]
[Image: 52587947996_baf50e0a88_c_d.jpg]

RE: Used once Kreg K5 pocket hole jig - edmorini - 12-27-2022

PM sent thanks