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Leftovers,2023 - bandit571 - 01-07-2023

Digging around through the piles...
Ash "sides"...Pine "Bottom"?
"ends"?   Lid panel?
Thin stuff?   Dividers, maybe?

other stuff seems to be about 1/4"-3/8" thick..
Might be enough here for yet another box/case?

We'll see...

RE: Leftovers,2023 - Grandpa Dave - 01-07-2023

Let projects 2023 commence. I'm following.

RE: Leftovers,2023 - bandit571 - 01-10-2023

Spent half of the day's shop time doing prep on the boards...used one board to make the 2 sides...another was trimmed for a lid..the 2 ends needed cut down a bit..
And a thin board trimmed for a bottom panel...
Then after the box is built, a thin Pine board for the Stanley No. 80 to sit on....Ash does NOT play nice with cast iron objects...

Some parts needed a little extra work..
To level the playing fields...

All that work the other day to put all the toys away....today I spent a bit of time digging a few items back out..
That 1/4" Witherby chisel was used to lay out the spacings  for the fingers...as well as chopping out the waste.   Small combo square to help the layout work, along with the Stanley SW Marking gauge.   A Marking knife, and some sharp pencils.    Bandsaw was doing the saw work, today...
Marking knife to cut a "knife wall", leaving the line.   Chop from the outside face first, then flip over to complete the chops..
Use these to layout the matching fingers..saw, and chop those out..and try a dry fit...
Then repeat all of this for corner #2...
By this time, I have about 2 hours IN the shop....and the area between the shoulder blades was getting sore, and crampy...

Decided the other 2 corners can wait until tomorrow.  
Stay tuned...

RE: Leftovers,2023 - bandit571 - 01-12-2023

Been a bit too much else going on around here, last few days....maybe IF I get too bored, I MIGHT try the shop later, tonight?     That is, IF all the rain we've had today hasn't caused the Dungeon Creek to rise.....it runs just about where I have to stand to work at the bench.....we'll see.....otherwise, it might be Saturday before I get back to the shop.....no real rush?

IF I can get the other 2 corners done...I could do a glue-up....IF I can keep the box square...

Stay tuned...

RE: Leftovers,2023 - Grandpa Dave - 01-12-2023

Following along Bandit. Been busy week so far here too.

RE: Leftovers,2023 - stav - 01-13-2023

Yeah, don't rush it if it will cause you problems. 

Mind those power tools and water.

RE: Leftovers,2023 - bandit571 - 01-18-2023

Corners #3 and #4 are done..and...
We have a glue up!  Finally..
That bar is to prevent the sides from bowing in too much...just a friction fit, no glue needed..

Let that sit overnight...
Today..took all those clamps off.    Squared up the sides and ends.   wanted to add the bottom panel..
So, a bead of glue all around.   I used the lid's panel (the thicker one) to help hold the clamps in place...no glue.   Letting this sit overnight.

Hopefully, tomorrow..I can clean the box and the bottom panel up...maybe shape the edges a bit...then trim the lid to fit, and add some hinges?

Stay tuned...

RE: Leftovers,2023 - bandit571 - 01-24-2023

All cleaned up...
Pine floor mat glued in place...
Lid trimmed for size...
And planed flat..
Hinges worked on...
Made sure the hinges worked, and the plane fit..
Added a latch to the front...
And added a coat of Gunstock stain..
Latch needed a slight change along it's top edge..and the stain was wiped down..
Will be letting this sit a day....before any varnish goes on

Stay tuned..

RE: Leftovers,2023 - stav - 01-25-2023

Looking good.

Is that your new #4 sitting in that pile of shavings there in pic #4?  How is it working out for you?

RE: Leftovers,2023 - bandit571 - 01-25-2023

The NEW Stanley No. 4-1/2c is working out nicely....has a bit too much camber, though.....will correct that with the next sharpening session.