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Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-01-2023

Time to sort through all the scraps..and see what I have left in the shop worth using....and what will go in here...
Areas too full of knots, and bark...will get resawn off...
As in run a saw kerf all the way around on the tablesaw, then resaw with the D8..
Like this..
And, because the tablesaw kerf is wider than the D8's,
They need planed flat...either with the No.8c or..
A No. 4...rip fence was reset...and quite a few rough edges were trimmed down..
Some of the wider stuff...
Can be used as lids for a few boxes...
ends are squared after both edges are parallel to each other..
Clamp the rest up for a while..
To keep them this way..and stashed until called for...

Guess I am now a Box Maker?   Stay tuned..

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-02-2023

Through dovetails..Day 1...
Laid out some pins first...didn't quite like the lay out..got changed with the saw,,
Then, chop the show face about halfway down..

then flip over, and finish from the inside face..

Use these pins to lay out the tails...saw and chop out the tails...then a dry fit or 3...
Then..just to see IF I can...I went tails first...did not go quite as well...
About 4 dry fits to get this far?   Meh..
I'll do the other 2 corners as Pins first...thank you very much...
  Stay tuned...

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-03-2023

Since this is mainly about hand tools..here are the ones I used, today, and a few I did not use....
Stanley SW Marking gauge, and a Stanley SW 6" bevel gauge were used, the Brown Bakelite, was not..
Marking a baseline( soon to be abused) then darking it a bit with the square and pencil
I cheated, this time..I traced around the pins from Corner #1 onto the pins for Corner #3...square to carry the cut lines done to the baseline..

Other than a bandsaw to saw the Tails later....
Top saw is a Jackson...did not get used because it would bind in the cut after 3 strokes..the saw underneath?
Disston No. 4, 14", 9ppi filed RIP...and does NOT bind in the cut..takes about 8 full strokes to go 1/2" deep, too..

Next, I usually chop out the waste, so..
A selection of chisels was used...The one pointing at you, was ground to a triangular profile, to get into tight corners..

Pins first, traced around the finished pins to lay out the tails...bandsaw on the waste side of the lines..chop out the waste..pare both for a dry fit..
First try!   Repeat for the 4th and last corner....then a full dry fit, with a few clamps..
I was even going to try a glue up, today...but..
Dungeon Creek was on the rise.....so, today's session lasted only about 90 minutes....
Stay tuned...

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-04-2023

Creek has dried up..Got things ready...
Need at least one of these...lay out the parts, grab the glue bottle, clamps and cauls..
Mallet will be in use...I also cut a bit of scrap, to a tight fit inside of the box..
Checking for square, too....was in a bit of a hurry, glue waits for nobody..
This keeps the sides from bowing in from the clamps...
Clamp #8 went on right after this shot....4 @ 6", and 4@ 12"...

Will let this sit a spell....
Stay tuned...

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-05-2023

Clamps removed..
Hmmmm, a bit hung over??
and long grain?
Needed a plane that can do both...shoot end grain..
and do edges..
that plane?
A Stanley No. 118 Low angle block plane....but, sometimes, ya just have to call in "Back-up"..
While doing the bottom of the box...Stanley No. 4-1/2c...and a bit of 120 sandpaper...

Then, set this aside..we have a lid to build...
Stay tuned..

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-05-2023

Build a lid 101....need a few parts..
Part laying flat IS the lid..the part standing up on edge will make 4 other parts....lid panel needs trimmed to match the box.  there rest need to be ripped into 3 narrow strips on the tablesaw...

needed to move a light, to better see what I'm cutting..
On this Stanley No. 358 Mitre saw....
What is handy..is that most of the cut-offs are sent right over to the  Trash can...
Once an end is cut..mark out for the other end..and cut it...dry fit..
Repeat a few more times...
Sander to fine tune the fits...spread some glue, and starting clamping things in place..
Might just have to go to Harbor Freight, and buy a bag of those Spring Clamps?  
Will use a chisel to clean up the squeeze outs..later

Letting this sit a spell....
Stay tuned...

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-07-2023

Lid has been fitted to the box...lid and box sanded to 220 grit, for now..

Laid out for some hinges..
Pilot hole drill bit is a 1/16"...sitting in the chuck of a Stanley Defiance eggbeater drill..
Those tiny screws still needed a dab of wax to work...
Turned the box over, added a latch...and see how things look..and work..
Waiting to decide on a finish, of some sort....only 2 more boxes to make...

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-10-2023

Box no.2 has been started...about ready to add a lid to it.....didn't know IF I should start a new thread? 

New thread?

RE: Leftovers,2023... - stav - 03-10-2023

You could just keep this one going.

RE: Leftovers,2023... - bandit571 - 03-11-2023

Box #2 is basically like #1,  merely a bit longer...panel for the bottom is thinner, though..
Ends are still through dovetails..
Wood is still Ash.  1/2" thick, this time around...
Need to trim the panel for the lid...
Was a bit too long..

Trimmed that this morning, and started to add parts to the lid panel..
Meant that I needed to run a Mitersaw...
Then fit and glue and clamps...
letting this sit a spell,,,maybe clean it up later, this evening?

Stay tuned...