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Refinishing table. - John R 48 - 03-11-2023

Just purchased a walnut dining room table that has bad swirl marks.
Going to try and sand them out. Wondering what finish I should apply. Was considering semi gloss varnish mixed with Danish oil.
Don’t have spray equipment, so will need to be wipe on finish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

RE: Refinishing table. - Willyou - 03-11-2023

First, make sure you are not dealing with veneer. You can sand through it very quickly. If the swirls are in an existing finish, I recommend you use a chemical stripper before doing a light sanding by hand.
Waterlox is a durable product that can be wiped on. It is kinda similar to what you propose but probably a lot more durable.

RE: Refinishing table. - fredhargis - 03-12-2023

I wouldn't use a danish oil. A wiping varnish will quite a bit more durable. The oil component in the danish oil makes that a little softer, something I wouldn't want on a dining table. Wlliyou mentioned Waterlox; it would be a good choice, if that's too dark just use one you mix your self, 50/50 varnish/MS.

RE: Refinishing table. - jteneyck - 03-12-2023

I agree with WillYou.  Use a chemical stripper and then lightly hand sand.  


RE: Refinishing table. - John R 48 - 03-12-2023

Thanks to all that responded. Every little bit helps.