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anyone using a Shopsmith 10ER - Pirate - 03-18-2023

Ive had my old Shopsmith 10ER machine for 45+ years. Do occasional turning when needed.
Just curious if others are turning on one, and apinions, tips, shortcomings, etc.

RE: anyone using a Shopsmith 10ER - SceneryMaker - 03-20-2023

I started turning on my 10ER built in 1953 but had no instructions on how to turn other than from YouTube University. I don't have the optional variable speed control so the only speeds I had were 900, 1800, and 3600 rpm.

Not knowing what I was doing, I had a catch that I'm sure was from doing stupid and it bent the spindle a little bit such that a piece could not run true after taking it out of the chuck and replacing it. I was able to bend it straight again but I had a turning project that my wife wanted. To get her project, she bought me a new Nova Galaxi (I married right!). One of the pieces she wanted needed the full 16" diameter and most of the 44" length.

Since then, I just turn pens and finials on the Shopsmith if the Nova is in the middle of something else.

On the other hand, the Shopsmith makes a marvelous slow-speed grinder. I put my CBN wheel and Vari-Grind sharpening jig on it at 900 rpm and it's really simple to touch up a gouge whenever I wonder it that's needed. It always is, of course.

When stood upright, the Shopsmith also makes a wonderful glue press for building up open segment pieces. It's easy to position the individual segments on the horizontal table prior to gluing.

TLDR: The Shopsmith was a good way to get started and works ok for small diameter stuff.