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Spoon Tray? - bandit571 - 04-11-2023

Went through the last of the scraps of usable Ash....and, some not so usable stuff...resaw the worst off..


Something like this emerged...picked out the 4 that were closest  to the same thickness...

Then sized them to the same width..and then...


"squared" the ends at 80 degrees..


2 longer sides, and 2 ends...and a 1/8" thick panel for a bottom panel...


This will be tricky....with through dovetails..


Saw this time around..?

Then some work with a chisel..
Trace around the pins..saw and chop the tails..dry fit ..
Then repeat for Corner #2
This is going to be tricky to clamp up....

Stay tuned...

RE: Spoon Tray? - bandit571 - 04-21-2023

Been both busy, and very much under the weather, the past 10 days....so...and Up-date?
4 corners are done...
A handle cobbled up, needed stopped dados chopped out..
Needed to clean things up, and add a solid wood bottom...
Just glued in place.....
trimmed to match the sides,,,sanded to 220 grit....and get a coat of Amber Shellac...
Inside the Spoon Tray....and
A look at an end....
Hand sanded between coats 1 and 2....not too bad, for something to haul spoons and forks to the table...

Think I can call this one done?