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RE: Electric Pressure Washer input - Admiral - 05-20-2023

About 4 years ago I bought a Greenworks 1200psi electric at Lowes for about $150. I've got a gas unit as well, but other than having to take a bit more time, its worked out fine for me. I had reservations, and figured I'd give it a try, but its worked out well and is a lot more convenient to use. Just enough pressure not to do damage to surfaces. I'd buy another one if needed.

RE: Electric Pressure Washer input - DCarr10760 - 05-20-2023

(04-16-2023, 02:33 PM)Bucko Wrote: Pretty much recovered from Shoulder surgery and slowly have replaced pull start Push Lawn Mower / Snow Blower  with Electric Start and now after using the pull start Pressure Washer twice so far this Spring Season around the House I’m curious and wanting to know if the Electric Versions are of quality to replace use of my pull start gasoline version. 
 Any input of information of recommendations for pro or con on the Electrical Version of Pressure Washers I’d be much appreciated as at 64 years of Age I respect experience input. Thanks all.

I also bought a Sunjoe, it works pretty well for washing cars, house siding and other jobs like that, when I need to clean concrete or knock paint off of a foundation I borrow my son's gasoline power one,  but for lighter duty work the Sunjoe works fine.  I haven't had any problem with it, I think I've had it for about 4 - 5 years now.

I'm just about your age and also have shoulder trouble, I just recently changed to a corded electric chainsaw because starting my Stihl wa killing me. Lol.


RE: Electric Pressure Washer input - Bucko - 05-21-2023

Thanks once again for the input, within next few days purchase will be made .

RE: Electric Pressure Washer input - Cub_Cadet_GT - 05-22-2023

I just recently got fed up with my gas powered one from Northern Tool.

I got the GreenWorks 2300PSI 2.3GPM model from Lowes a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. Its quiet, its light, it has plenty of power for what I need to do. No regrets here.

RE: Electric Pressure Washer input - Bucko - 05-25-2023

After quite a bit of research I really liked the features of this Westinghouse Electric Pressure Washer and ordered it . Should be here for the weekend and will practice on our pavers then to the front porch. Thanks for all input and information! https://www.homedepot.com/p/Westinghouse-ePX3100-PSI-1-76-GPM-Electric-Pressure-Washer-with-Anti-Tipping-Technology-ePX3050/312554824

RE: Electric Pressure Washer input - Bucko - 06-10-2023

Follow up - about 6 hours in using my pressure washer and a big thumbs up for residential use . My more convenient and quieter than my gas unit and such has made it a breeze for my Wife also to happily use .
The hose definitely isn’t as heavy duty as my gas unit hose but quite adequate for this light use application.
All in all I’m glad I purchased and next to freshen up / clean the Vinyl Pergola setup .

RE: Electric Pressure Washer input - jteneyck - 06-13-2023

Both of those electric units are impressive in how many gpm they can output.  I just went the other way and bought a 3300 psi 2.5 gpm gas powered unit.  It has cut my deck washing time by a factor of 3 over the electric unit I've been using.  You sure have to hang onto the gun with this unit, but so far I'm impressed with how well it works.  I still use the electric unit for some other projects because I can just plug it in and go. 

Glad you are happy with your choices.