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killing bamboo plants - gear jammer - 04-26-2023

Out at the cabin There is a 20 ft. circle of bamboo. I've mowed it down I have sprayed it three different times. roundup, and two different brush killers. When I had the trencher I went around it 3 ft. out as deep as the trencher would go (about 3 ft.) and put in weed barrier.
I see new shoots coming up. I'll keep it mowed but I'd like to see it gone.
Any suggestions?

RE: killing bamboo plants - EightFingers - 04-26-2023

In Hawaii, I just broke off the shoots to keep it contained.

Killing bamboo will probably become your “hobby” for a while.

RE: killing bamboo plants - MarkSingleton - 04-26-2023

Unfortunately the only thing that gets rid of it, is to physically remove all of it.


RE: killing bamboo plants - fredhargis - 04-27-2023

It's a nightmare to deal with, and I've not found a chemical solution. The backhoe thing does work...but you might try covering it with some heavy black rubber (or something that's light proof) and weight it down. It may take a year but it will work. Of course then you faced with the prospect of trying to re establish that little plot which will be it's own battle.

RE: killing bamboo plants - Snipe Hunter - 04-27-2023

I'm dealing with this too.

A couple things.. In the spring, cut off the new shoots as close to the ground as possible. I use a spray bottle to squirt roundup in the hollow center. Iv there is no hole, cut off another inch or so till you see a hole. I've also used an acid brush to do it. Nothing else seems to work. One by one, do the same with the mature stalks but you'll have to drill a hole down the center them to get the roundup to penetrate to the runner root. You'll probably never kill all the roots without digging them up. Our dump won't take any green bamboo so I have to lay the roots and stalks out till they turn brown. You'll have to do all this till the runner roots get so weakened that they finally die.

I've got two areas with one almost under control after about 4 years. I still get small thin shoots coming up and they're so thin that I can't get the roundup in the stalk so I just keep digging them up and follow the root till you think you got it all out. But each year, something new shows up. It seems like it knows I'm attacking it and it gets more aggressive. I thought I had it killed on the one paych but this year more popped uo after a full year of no activity.

I didn't realize I had another patch until it was out of control. It has multiplied in size and now spreading into the neighbors yard. He doesn't want me using roundup or a back hoe. So, it's on him now but I'm doing what I can on my side of the fence.

No matter what you do, you'll probably never get up all the runners roots so just keep after it. If you use a backhoe you'll have to sift through everything to get any roots out. Anything left behind will grow.

RE: killing bamboo plants - EatenByLimestone - 04-30-2023

Its a monocot so broadleaf weed killers won't work. Spray with glyophosate and cover with a tarp. You need the plant to use up all its energy trying to sprout. Pull the tarp off and spray any new shoots before replacing the tarp.

RE: killing bamboo plants - tomsteve - 04-30-2023

(04-30-2023, 07:43 PM)EatenByLimestone Wrote: Its a monocot so broadleaf weed killers won't work.  Spray with glyophosate and cover with a tarp.  You need the plant to use up all its energy trying to sprout.  Pull the tarp off and spray any new shoots before replacing the tarp.

i really screwed up on a remod by laying the windows we pulled out on a couple of blocks on the lawn.. i wonder if some clear plexi or glass would be beneficial

RE: killing bamboo plants - EatenByLimestone - 05-01-2023

Maybe that would heat the ground up enough?

RE: killing bamboo plants - branchacctg - 05-01-2023

You got bamboo, you're screwed.  Worse than getting rid of the kudzu around here. Maybe get a panda 
Smile   Good luck!

RE: killing bamboo plants - JDuke - 05-03-2023

Good luck getting a panda, isn’t china taking theirs back?