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It all adds up... - Teak - 05-07-2023

Was logged into my LV account and decided to review my order history. I was always curious as to how much I have spent there over the years (member since 05). On a lark, decided to download order history (copy/paste) and analyze in Excel. Over the last ~18 years, I have spent over $30K (CAD) at Lee Valley!!! Majority (2/3rd) of it is front loaded (05 to 11) when I was ramping up, but it all adds up!!! Now mind you it's not all WW but also includes kitchen and gardening stuff (more so lately) but majority (>90%) would be related to woodworking. Not a cheap hobby as this does not include machines (those would be extra OR Powertools OR other tool vendors although most of my stuff is from LV). Over the years, I am sure I have saved money by doing things on my own and derived satisfaction at a personal level, but still it's an eye opener. 

RE: It all adds up... - EdL - 05-07-2023

Learned many years ago not to do what you just did.

Spent a year restoring a truck, then I added up the reciepts. Bad move, sticker shock...