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RE: I finished my bar - Gary G™ - 05-17-2023

Outstanding looking bar and thirst quenchers!

RE: I finished my bar - jteneyck - 05-17-2023

(05-17-2023, 01:56 PM)FS7 Wrote: You definitely mentioned this before, and I had said that I used to get it somewhat regularly when it wasn't available here but only in CO. Now it's here, and I don't get it as much for some reason.

I actually picked up a bottle of the High Proof Distiller's Blend today, so I'll see how that is.

My bad.  Guess I had a little too much and it killed off those brain cells.  

Funny, I buy more of it now that it's available in my locale.  I'll have to look for the High Proof one.  And I saw something on the net today that they have a new one called Sexy Motor Oil Whiskey, available only at the distillery.  But at $200 a bottle I'll probably pass next time out there skiing.  


RE: I finished my bar - brianwelch - 05-18-2023

Wow! Simply Wow...
Your 1920 is one of my favorites...

RE: I finished my bar - Stwood_ - 05-21-2023

Lookin great, knee knockers and all!!

RE: I finished my bar - FrankAtl - 05-22-2023

Beautiful job! Sapele looks great!


RE: I finished my bar - wood-chips - 05-24-2023

Not only is the woodwork outstanding...and the decor is just as impressive.
You can certainly be proud of the entire room.