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New Organizer? - bandit571 - 07-24-2023

Wood has been resawn to 1/2" thick....some parts are 1/4" or less.....
Only the sides and the back will be full height...
And I am trying to get the grain to line up all the way around...
Top of the box will be a tray....with a lid over it....front of the tray will be dovetailed to the sides....below that, will be a pair of drawers...which is why those narrow strips are needed...both for the Drawer Fronts and sides and backs...and for the front edge of the tray.
That narrow strip?   Divider between the 2 drawers, hiding a plywood panel the upper drawer will be sliding on.....lower drawer will be sliding on a panel that is also a base....
This stack is parts for the lid....might be a Frame & Raised Panel?   We'll see..

Single Brain Cell Sketch Up....all done in me head....seems to work.    Wood is all Ash...other than 2 pieces of 1/4" plywood...
Stay tuned...

RE: New Organizer? - bandit571 - 07-24-2023

Dovetail  the back 2 corners:

First off, that 3/4" plywood panel I use as a chopping block....was no longer flat...so
A Sargent made Fulton No. 410c ( Stanley No. 4-1/2c size)  Fresh out of Rehab, got put to work 

laid out a few tools, after cleaning the bench from the last plane rehab ( $10 Sargent 410c)
Laid out the pins first...
Clamp the side board face up on the block, and chop about halfway down..
Then flip over and finish chopping...had to get out a narrower chisel...
Use these pins and a SHARP No.2 Pencil ( high tech stuff, right there) trace around each pin.    Back board then heads to the Bandsaw ( HORRORS!) and the waste is sawn out...come back to the bench for a dry fit..
Not too bad?  Was starting to get a bit rusty doing these....Ok..repeat the above for the other back corner...
So..now both corners are done....
I can set this aside for a while....I need to mill a couple grooves for a tray bottom and a drawer runner...

One other task for Sunday....glue up a panel to act as the base for this box...didn't have a solid piece wide enough like Paul Sellers did...I did have a bunch of 4/4 x 2" strips, of Ash.   Task was to cut them to rough length, and resaw them to 5/8" thick....then rip square edges to make gluing 6 strips into one panel..
With cauls to keep things almost flat...let this panel sit a day or 3...then flatten it on both faces, square the ends, and adjust the width...

Be laying out the runners next time...plowing a few grooves...and see about sizing the widths of the 3 pieces up in front of the box...
Stay tuned..

RE: New Organizer? - bandit571 - 07-24-2023

Question being?   WHAT am I trying to get Organized, this time?
Well, I picked this cardboard box up at the same sale as that Sargent No. 410c...
Yeah, yeah,,,been rehabbed and put to work already, see above...

So, what was IN that box..
Besides a LOT of Machinist's Charts..well..
Not too sure about that clamp thingy, but the rest?
Might just be worth the price?  Plastic case has a "Steadtler-Mars" logo, along with 3 cases of their Leads..

Along with a few other such tools...I kind of need to get them organized, don't ya think?

RE: New Organizer? - bandit571 - 07-25-2023

Day 2?  Front pieces needed cut to length, so....Mitersaw?
Cordless, of course...Parts needed cut to length
There was a few bad ends to clean up..
Note the reflection in the saw blade?   Seems to say the saw is cutting a perfect 90 degrees...
Parts laid out...I used the back of the box to get the lengths needed.   I also needed to rip the 3 wider parts to width, so that they all fit..
2 are drawer fronts...the top one needed a rebate to house the front edge of the plywood panel "floor"
Top piece gets dovetailed into place, plywood is glued into the rebate...
While this narrow strip will cover the edge of the plywood drawer runner..

As for that floor?
This is what you will see, when you raise the lid....Might add a layer of green felt, later?

A 2 drawer version of Paul Sellers' Table Top Organizer...

Stay tuned...

RE: New Organizer? - professore - 07-27-2023


That clamp thingy in th e box lot of Monday's post clamps the base of a  swing arm lamp to a table top.

Frank S in IA

RE: New Organizer? - CStan - 07-27-2023

What happened to the baseline of the dovetails?

RE: New Organizer? - bandit571 - 07-27-2023

Quite simple, actually....Like Paul Sellers, I prefer the layout lines NOT to be shown..Even if they are, they are either a knifed line, or the pencil lines were soon sanded off. 

Box will be used to hold a LOT of the lay-out tools...a case to be stored in the workshop...nothing more...

Are you referring to that DRY fit....?
Because this is after the case came out of the clamps, today....cleaned up...

RE: New Organizer? - bandit571 - 07-28-2023

Shoptime this morning, BEFORE things get too warm....

Case & Base are out of the clamps...back needs to be flush...so..
Might as well trim the ends flush as well...
Then, sized the drawer fronts for a snug fit, for now..
Then cut 2 plywood panels for the drawer bottoms...
And then I could cut the sides and backs to the proper sizes...
Will start on the joinery, this evening...once the shop has cooled back down...

RE: New Organizer? - Grandpa Dave - 07-28-2023

Great start Bandit. Don't over do. This heat we're experiencing is serious business.

RE: New Organizer? - Timberwolf - 07-30-2023

(07-27-2023, 11:57 AM)professore Wrote: Bandit,

That clamp thingy in th e box lot of Monday's post clamps the base of a  swing arm lamp to a table top.

Frank S in IA
That's what I was thinking also..