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A Wedding Present - jteneyck - 09-17-2023

I made this end grain cutting board and stand for my niece's wedding next weekend.  It took a LOT longer than I expected to do the inlays, so it's a good thing I started early.  No matter what I did the male portion for the lettering kept breaking out.  I tried ebony, then bloodwood, I tried different speeds.  Nothing worked.  So I finally gave up and poured colored epoxy into those recesses.  The Celtic marriage knot came out great with a bloodwood inlay, however.  

The board is end grain walnut that I had to dye to mask the ugly sapwood.  The field of the insert is quarter sawn beech, which is beautiful stuff to work with on the CNC.  The stand is 5/8" Baltic birch that snaps together, so it can be broken down for storage or shipping.  

[Image: AIL4fc_gKINH5uaVRnccFrprTl5r6CQOeYj2ZpQe...authuser=0]

[Image: AIL4fc9J2Z_n1bp-ex2S70bJBI04iMgZRPcgrBXc...authuser=0]

[Image: AIL4fc8VxQFYAf4aSCm06R_56Dooxi4hMHKJ_Dx9...authuser=0]


RE: A Wedding Present - Tapper - 09-17-2023

Beautiful work John! I'm sure they'll treasure it always.


RE: A Wedding Present - mound - 09-18-2023

looks great!