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Festool Miter Saw - mike9 - 09-30-2023

Has anyone had to reset the fence on their festool mitersaw, I loved this saw but really getting frustrated with it. The thing I don't like is the table, fence, and miter detent are seperate pieces instead of a traditional miter saw where the detents are built into the table. I don't know what to adjust first to get square cuts. I asked on FOG with very little responses as usual.

RE: Festool Miter Saw - Juss1 - 09-30-2023

Pretty easy to do. You just need to adjust the detent which are held by 3 screws. Check out the supplemental manuals if you need more info


RE: Festool Miter Saw - mike9 - 10-07-2023

Thank you, I have never come across this manual or no one has ever recommended it when I have asked this question on other forums. Thank you!!!!