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Relic - Splinterz25 - 02-20-2024

Hello once again I was able to put the finishing touches on my first piece for 2024. I have been showing progress on this piece as I made it. Made from Maple first turned hollow on the lathe, it finished at 7" x 7".  Then the pattern was hand drawn and hand carved,  21 Kokopelli's in all. Some pyrography was added for shading then alcohol inks were added for coloring the hand carved leather straps, the final finish is satin lacquer.

RE: Relic - iclark - 02-20-2024


Just WOW!

RE: Relic - grwold - 02-20-2024

That's really beautiful. Amazing work!

RE: Relic - SceneryMaker - 02-21-2024

Beautiful. I can barely imagine and never duplicate the patience required to produce such a piece. I'd even be afraid to have it on a shelf for fear that the dog would bump it off.

RE: Relic - Bill Holt - 02-21-2024

Holy Cow Bruce!!!  You've done it again!  There is so much air, space, voids, or whatever, the piece looks as light as a feather.  And what a masterful job on creating the leather.  You have to be a mathematician to figure out the pattern.

RE: Relic - Arlin Eastman - 02-21-2024

The straps look like real leather.  Well done! 

RE: Relic - FrankAtl - 02-21-2024

Another beauty Bruce!

RE: Relic - Splinterz25 - 02-22-2024

Thank you everyone for the very nice comments and complements, on to my next piece.