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Indy area auction - ajkoontz - 03-08-2024

I had a big post about this and lost all my text, so this is version 2.0. 
HUGE Indy area power and hand tool auction- check out link below. I am not affiliated with this auction in any way, but this collection was too good not to share. I'm going to bid on some stuff so not in my interest to spread the word on this auction but I think it would be a travesty to not try to help a local WW'er out if I can. I belive it is local pick-up only. I'm guessing this stuff will get up to market value by close on Monday anyway so let capitalism prevail I suppose. it's worth a look even if you're not bidding, and whoever is keeping score I think this guy won.

Link to Auction

RE: Indy area auction - ajkoontz - 03-08-2024

If nothing else, I'm going to run up some bids when I get home tonight. Can't let this stuff go for nothing. There's LN planes going for $6 as I write this.

RE: Indy area auction - EdL - 03-08-2024

Always people "hiding in the weeds" at on line auctions...things don't start moving until the last few hours.
Lots of excellent stuff there, it'll get crazy.


RE: Indy area auction - ajkoontz - 03-08-2024

Well there’s not going to be any more $6 LN planes before my head hits the pillow tonight. Really impressed with this guys collection though.

RE: Indy area auction - ajkoontz - 03-11-2024

Some of y'all locals (me included I supposed) missed out on some good deals today.