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Briwax - Blaine - 03-09-2024

I have an old dining room table with a walnut veneer top that's fairly worn in spots.  The spots have faded to the appearance of raw walnut.  I don't want to completely refinish it, but want to even out the color a bit.  It doesn't have to be perfect.

I'm thinking of using Briwax dark brown on the whole top, but I'm seeing that a can of it is nearly $30.  I'm fairly good at finishing, but haven't used wax for a colorant or to hide worn spots.  This does NOT need to be perfect.  I don't want to spend the $30 on this if there's little to no chance it will even out the colors.

Does anyone have experience with wood wax and can tell me what to expect or can give me any tips?

RE: Briwax - jteneyck - 03-10-2024

If the wax doesn't give the result you want, you are hosed, because nothing else will stick unless you go through a laborious process of removing it.  You might consider Restor-A-Finish instead.  


RE: Briwax - Blaine - 03-11-2024

Yeah, I get that, which is why I ask.

In a certain sense, it doesn’t matter. Either the wax works or not, so maybe my question is irrelevant. This forum is pretty good at giving alternatives, though.