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Bedrock 608 - tablesawtom - 03-27-2024

I have a bedrock 608 flat bottom plane for sale. I do not have a clue as to what type it is nor do I care. The sides have been precision ground square to the bottom. The bottom has been precision ground flat with in .0015. It was stripped and repainted and the knob and tote are Rosewood. There are no cracks or repaired brakes in either. However it appears to have a little piece sliced out of the tote. The lever cap says Bedrock. The first picture shows the plane completely disassembled so you know it all works. You can see where the small piece in the tote appears to be missing. The blade have been precision ground and no lapping the top is required.

Asking $$300 shipped, insurance is extra. Every one likes pictures.








Thanks for looking


RE: Bedrock 608 - tablesawtom - 04-06-2024

I can do $250 plus shipping if it helps.


RE: Bedrock 608 - tablesawtom - 04-18-2024

his plan has been sold.