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PM66, MM-16 pics added - Rick LoDico - 03-28-2024

One of the last years for PM66. Hobby use, comes with the HTC outfieed rollers. 1600.00. With blades, incra miter gauges, extra table inserts, PM tenon jig, Beismeyer splitter and a cove cutting jig  1900.00.
The MiniMax is 1700.00 with two 1" carbide blades (Lenox trimaster and Laguna resaw blade and a 1/2 Diemaster.)

These are for pick up in Ewing, NJ and are down 13 steps into my shop. Contact me for pics. Mine are too large for posting.

RE: PM66, MM-16 - brnhornt - 03-29-2024

Just posting some pics for Rick:











RE: PM66, MM-16 - brnhornt - 03-29-2024



RE: PM66, MM-16 - Rick LoDico - 03-29-2024

Awesome. Thank you