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Stanley 4 1/2 flst bottom for sale - tablesawtom - 03-29-2024

 have a Stanley Bailey 4 1/2 flat bottom plane for sale. As to what type I am  not sure.  It has 3 Patent dates which makes it either a 11 or 12, But both the knob and tote although made by Stanley are not original to the plane.

 The blade was very badly pitted by the chip breaker, which is quite common. I replaced blade with precision ground a Keen Kutter blade that was made by Stanley. Other than the blade, tote and  and knob all the parts are original to the plane. Totes brake, knobs split, and blades are replaced with aftermarket blades 

Anyway the sides are ground square to the bottom and the bottom is flat within .001. I believe it was repainted before I got it, and it looks nice. The first picture is with it completely apart so you know everything works. It has a close fitting frog at the front making it one of the more desired planes Stanley made. 

Asking $150 plus shipping. If you are looking for a 4 1/2 then you can not find a better one at this cost.







Thanks for looking,


RE: Stanley 4 1/2 flst bottom for sale - tablesawtom - 04-27-2024

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