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"SOLD" Free: Sharpening Stones - brnhornt - 03-30-2024

Hi Friends.  I'm doing some shop cleaning and I have some Japanese whetstones that I no longer use.  The large one is 800.  The other two are dual sided, but I don't recall the exact grit.  Also included is a holder and honing guide.  Free to a good home who will use them, just pay for shipping from Cleveland, OH.



RE: Free: Sharpening Stones - theoldfart - 03-30-2024

I will take them. I work at a railroad museum restoration shop and we are restoring three 1890’s passenger cars. They will be put to good use!
I’ll PM the address.

RE: Free: Sharpening Stones - taxman - 03-31-2024

In case the old guy changes his mind, I'd like them.

Thanks for offering these!