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Table Base Design and Finishing - Scoony - 04-01-2024

Last time I was here, I was asking for some help with what I called the bubble leg desk. That project actually turned out great and the customer is very happy.

This time, my sister-in-law is asking that I build her and my brother a new dining table. This is sort of what she wants. 


Top will be 80" x 45" out of oak, preferably white. 

The top is easy enough, just the size and weight make it challenging to move around.

For the base, I am thinking along the lines of building plywood boxes approximately 8" wide x 28 depth. Adding support pieces in the top to attach cross members that would fit into notches. The cross members will connect the two bases and provide for attaching the top. 

For finishing the bases, I think that applying a black dye, stain, or even flat back paint first to the boxes, then applying pre-finished wood strips. 

I am interested in ideas on constructing the base, and how you would finish it.

RE: Table Base Design and Finishing - Bill Holt - 04-02-2024

I would probably build the bases just as you described.  But...installing the wood strips to the painted plywood, then cutting the plywood, sounds easier.

By the time I finished typing my suggestion, I realized how difficult that would be for me!!!!

RE: Table Base Design and Finishing - 32ojdidit - 04-12-2024

I would try to attach the strips on a sheet of plywood large enough for each leg (box) and then make your 45 degree cuts. Assemble from there. Just be sure not to have any fasteners in the way of where you need to make the cuts.