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1/2" Shank Router Bits - iublue - 04-01-2024

I have 19 HSS router bits for sale.  I have no idea how old these are but many still have the wax on them.
Some surface rust but I actually think the pics make it look worse than it is.

I will estimate the number and size.  It was hard to get an exact count without taking all the wax off.

3 - 1/4" with one wax on.

6 - 5/16" with five wax on.

5 - 3/8" with three wax on.

2 - 7/16" with one wax on.

3 - 5/8" with 2 wax on.

I believe none of these have ever been used.

I want to sell them as a single lot.

How about $2 each plus $10 for shipping!

RE: 1/2" Shank Router Bits - iublue - 04-04-2024

No interest?

How about $2 each including shipping?

I took the wax off of one of the bits and it was like new underneath.