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Where is everyone???? - Derek Cohen - 07-06-2024

After about 18 months away from the forum, I return to find that no one is posting, other than Steven and myself. What is going on? There must be activity to keep a forum alive. This one is nearly a dodo. Convince us to stay.

Regards from Perth


RE: Where is everyone???? - bandit571 - 07-06-2024

Methinks they are all in hiding , down in the basement....a couple only show up to cause fights...and scare others away..

RE: Where is everyone???? - tablesawtom - 07-07-2024

It is not the few that show up and cause fights, it is a few of the regulars who seem to want to control what is posted. And find fault with what is posted if they happen the think differently. There is always something wrong with the posts that they must appose, so why bother. I am surprised that I even responded to this post. I have pretty much given up.


RE: Where is everyone???? - MarkSingleton - 07-07-2024

Definitely slower than in years past.

Probably a combination of things are causing it. Many of the younger folks
getting into woodworking are much more likely to want a visual forum
( youtube , etc ) than text based content, for instance.

As people "age out" they are not getting replaced. Or so it seems.

RE: Where is everyone???? - C. in Indy - 07-07-2024

I am lately sending my "very best stuff" to either private e-mails, or to other forums who are on average more courteous and responsive.

I still have posted projects here many times.   I don't feel too lucky -- the harder I've worked on something, the less it seemed to matter.

RE: Where is everyone???? - bandit571 - 07-07-2024

Maybe, just MAYBE..all the Doom& Gloom people would just start posting ..something...as I don't think that I am the only one that can do a "Build-along" Project, AND post here WITH photos...Derek does...why not the rest of you? 

maybe show us what you can do for a Project?   Maybe show how to use a tool or three...this IS a Hand Tool thread....so..get busy.  

Maybe show a better way..
Than using an old Red Devil Putty knife as a Kerf Chisel?

Maybe HOW to set up one of these?
To get a perfect cut, EVERYTIME?

That thread about a Long Time Ago?   Details what I had to do as a Freshman in High School, back in the Fall of 1968...we were given a stack of worksheets, with a drawing of several Wood Joints...that we had to get passing grades on, while using only hand tools....during the usual 30 minute of Class time each day.  When we weren't taking the Drafting classes upstairs, or spending time managing the Toll Crib ( once a week for both)

So..how many others here went through the same "Ordeal"...and what are YOUR stories from then....and start your own threads about it....the good parts, the mistakes made, things learned, and with what tools.  

I'm waiting.......

RE: Where is everyone???? - Derek Cohen - 07-07-2024

Steven, you deserve a "like" button!

Come one you lot - take a chance, post something.

Regards from Perth


RE: Where is everyone???? - bandit571 - 07-07-2024

I just posted a thread for them to visit....will see how many Lurkers show up...

RE: Where is everyone???? - wing nut - 07-07-2024

(07-07-2024, 12:07 PM)bandit571 Wrote: I just posted a thread for them to visit....will see how many Lurkers show up...

Night stands, can people see them?

RE: Where is everyone???? - bandit571 - 07-07-2024

Maybe a post to describe how YOU build them?   They do look good, though...