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  0 Thread: Vintage motor disassembly help
Post: RE: Vintage motor disassembly help

Standard threading for a bench grinder is that the right hand side has right hand threads and the left side has left hand threads.  The trick on that motor is to determine what's the front or back. ...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Power Tools 11 688 07-01-2024, 09:50 PM
  0 Thread: Just Bought A Ridgid Band Saw - BS14002 - Need Blade Advice
Post: RE: Just Bought A Ridgid Band Saw - BS14002 - Need...

Paladin Wrote: (06-23-2024, 03:11 PM) -- what blade (size and manufacturer) might be the "do all" blade I am looking for? -- If there were such a blade, that's pretty much what everyone would be bu...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Power Tools 11 732 06-26-2024, 08:19 AM
  0 Thread: Band saw tires
Post: RE: Band saw tires

skizzo Wrote: (08-24-2015, 11:57 PM) -- [hr] [/blockquote][br]Sorry, mini-rant over, noting that rubber tires seem to get an unnecessary bad rap all too often. [br] -- Bill, from my experiences, th...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Power Tools 9 8,232 06-24-2024, 12:42 PM
  0 Thread: Used every clamp
Post: RE: Used every clamp

jteneyck Wrote: (06-04-2024, 05:49 PM) -- But you never know about these things unless you get it wrong.  Then it's pretty obvious, like thinking those tenons in the first ring would be adequate.   ...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 22 3,487 06-07-2024, 08:17 AM
  0 Thread: cutting plywood
Post: RE: cutting plywood

Admiral Wrote: (05-27-2024, 10:37 AM) -- Tom: if you can find a used Porter Cable Trim Saw, #314, its the best for this task.  Worm drive, well made (before PC became total homeowner grade crap) and ...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 9 1,395 05-28-2024, 07:26 AM
  0 Thread: Vintage Dewalt RAS table brackets
Post: RE: Vintage Dewalt RAS table brackets

I went over to and searched:  DeWalt MBF Got 164 pages of post concerning the MBF.  Might be a lead there for you.
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Power Tools 15 1,635 05-18-2024, 09:18 PM
  0 Thread: Hinge Question
Post: RE: Hinge Question

Why not Soss hinges? Are you referring to butler's tray hinges?
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 3 753 04-23-2024, 10:02 PM
  0 Thread: uses browsing
Post: RE: uses browsing

Stwood_ Wrote: (04-20-2024, 07:14 PM) -- No idea. There always seems to be more guests on-line than members. -- The higher the user numbers, the more that can be charged for advertising and other "...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 3 692 04-22-2024, 06:31 PM
  0 Thread: Made some router dust today.Oops!
Post: RE: Made some router dust today.Oops!

I'll often use my Sharp HMV mill to achieve fussy little details in wood.  I've got to be rather fussy about cleanup and dust collection. I've often used woodworking router bits and don't run them at...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Power Tools 8 1,085 04-18-2024, 10:35 PM
  0 Thread: Woops
Post: RE: Woops

cpolubin Wrote: (03-14-2024, 04:09 PM) -- Take a look at the Veritas Side Rabbet plane. It's designed to do exactly what you need. Cliff -- Agree 100%.  Those planes are an awkward pain to use i...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 10 1,810 03-15-2024, 11:42 AM
  0 Thread: The correct paint
Post: RE: The correct paint

tablesawtom Wrote: (02-21-2024, 02:23 PM) -- I bought a Delta 6 inch jointer at an auction last Saturday. It is a fairly new model  because the cutter head has jacking screws. It has sat in a barn fo...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Power Tools 20 2,365 02-22-2024, 01:54 PM
  0 Thread: Cutting tenons quickly and safely
Post: RE: Cutting tenons quickly and safely

There's always the old fashioned way.  Use a single end tenoner.
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 16 2,345 02-20-2024, 11:13 PM
  0 Thread: Squeaky Leeson Motor - UPDATED
Post: RE: Squeaky Leeson Motor

Roly Wrote: (02-07-2024, 09:26 PM) -- Taking a guess from the sound it is probably something to do with the centrifugal switch.   Roly -- Another possibility is that the fan is slightly rubbing on ...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Power Tools 2 658 02-11-2024, 12:47 PM
  0 Thread: Is there any woodworking you can make money at?
Post: RE: Is there any woodworking you can make money at...

Back when I was doing woodworking for money I found a couple of rules of thumb. 1. Any project that has its largest dimension under four feet, you'll lose money on. 2. Be willing and able to make wh...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 34 4,406 02-09-2024, 02:57 PM
  0 Thread: Stanley #1
Post: RE: Stanley #1

For scale, here's a number one beside a portable belt sander.
Bob Vaughan Woodworking Hand Tools 19 2,369 02-04-2024, 05:02 PM
  0 Thread: Junky Walnut Boards
Post: RE: Junky Walnut Boards

Edwin Hackleman Wrote: (12-02-2023, 02:15 PM) -- Photos did not load. Try saving them as JPG or PNG files first and then import them here. -- Photos are in this thead
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 4 1,638 12-04-2023, 04:05 PM
  0 Thread: coffee table dimensions
Post: RE: coffee table dimensions

humanrace Wrote: (11-26-2023, 06:52 PM) -- I want to make a coffee table for the LOML.  Is there a standard for the length in relationship to the sofa?  Should the 1.61 : 1 ratio be applied to the to...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 4 1,351 11-26-2023, 10:15 PM
  0 Thread: Uses for radial arm saw
Post: RE: Uses for radial arm saw

EdL Wrote: (11-23-2023, 11:02 AM) -- A turret type ras (Delta) will cut angles a cms or table saw can only dream of... Ed -- Of course it will.  It's an industrial machine.  What is known these ...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 33 6,191 11-23-2023, 01:29 PM
  0 Thread: Fitting Drawers
Post: RE: Fitting Drawers

branchacctg Wrote: (11-18-2023, 11:08 AM) -- Never built anything fancy, but I put together the cabinet/carcass first and then do the drawers. -- Its easier to re-make a drawer than it is to re-mak...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 13 2,366 11-18-2023, 12:17 PM
  0 Thread: Uses for radial arm saw
Post: RE: Uses for radial arm saw

What other machine surface can you pile junk on? I've got a tricked out Hammond Glider for 90% of my crosscuts but when I need the RAS, its there for me.  Before the Hammond, the RAS did almost all o...
Bob Vaughan Woodworking 33 6,191 11-13-2023, 11:09 PM

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