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  0 Thread: Fractal wood burning
Post: RE: Fractal wood burning

Youtuber BigClive explains the ways it's likely to kill you.
ianab Woodturning 8 611 05-14-2022, 03:15 PM
  0 Thread: Thickness
Post: RE: Thickness

MstrCarpenter Wrote: (05-09-2022, 09:21 PM) -- Did you know that when you measure the thickness next week it might be a perfect .750"? Then again; it might be .756". -- Exactly, if the moisture con...
ianab Woodworking 13 604 05-09-2022, 10:34 PM
  0 Thread: prepping 100+ drawer side parts, keeping flat.
Post: 8 poinf

The thing with plastic wrapping is that the total amount of water in the "bag" doesn't change. If the wood is at say 8%, and you can't add or remove any, then the wood stays at 8%. There is no "extra"...
ianab Woodworking 18 931 03-27-2022, 02:38 AM
  0 Thread: Table planks seperating
Post: RE: Table planks seperating

Interested to see exactly how the table is put together? The top shouldn't separate IF it's fixed in a way that allows movement. "DRY" wood in some areas is maybe 14% or more. That's;fine when it stay...
ianab Woodworking 9 642 03-17-2022, 11:43 PM
  0 Thread: For Those Who Would Like to Dry Wood
Post: RE: For Those Who Would Like to Dry Wood

Seems to have all the bases covered. Once you get the wood "air dry", under 20% things are much more forgiving regarding schedules.  Green wood tends to release acidic tannins as it dries, very cor...
ianab Woodworking 13 2,973 05-17-2021, 02:13 AM
  0 Thread: Wood moisture
Post: RE: Wood moisture

Ben massey Wrote: (05-16-2021, 03:35 PM) -- I've cut a few trees off the family farm had them milled to build a crib and dresser the problem is I need to be building but my wood is at 5 to 13 percent...
ianab Woodworking 5 936 05-17-2021, 01:20 AM
  0 Thread: Any interest in a build thread?
Post: RE: Any interest in a build thread?

Some folks will certainly be interested. Post it for them. The rest can keep scrolling and don't matter.  ;) :laugh:
ianab Woodworking 8 1,307 04-08-2021, 02:42 AM
  0 Thread: Building out of Construction Lumber
Post: RE: Building out of Construction Lumber

Gary G™ Wrote: (09-17-2020, 06:41 PM) -- You could buy their kiln dried framing stock -- Kiln dried for construction aims for around 19% moisture. Reason is that under ~20% wood wont rot or grow fu...
ianab Woodworking 25 6,019 04-05-2021, 02:19 AM
  0 Thread: Newbie Questions
Post: RE: Newbie Questions

Wood filler, sand and paint would be my suggestion too. Trying to match the current finish to the new patches is above my pay grade, but I can handle a putty knife, sanding block and paintbrush well e...
ianab Woodworking 15 2,206 03-22-2021, 07:35 PM
  0 Thread: Where did I go wrong?
Post: RE: Where did I go wrong?

jteneyck Wrote: (02-03-2021, 12:41 PM) -- Route the gap around the quartz at least 1/16" larger all around and then caulk it with silicone.  That will allow the wood to expand and contract w/o cracki...
ianab Woodworking 17 2,368 02-03-2021, 06:52 PM
  0 Thread: Using Wide Boards
Post: RE: Using Wide Boards

handi Wrote: (01-23-2021, 07:10 PM) -- Dollars to donuts that table shown is old growth. -- I will give you that  ;) The tree was ~1500 years old when it got blown over, and Kauri pine is a prett...
ianab Woodworking 26 3,737 01-24-2021, 02:09 PM
  0 Thread: Using Wide Boards
Post: RE: Using Wide Boards

They should have warned these guys about the dangers of wide boards.before they build this table.  :winkgrin:    That single board tapers from 4'6" wide at one end to 5'6" at the other. Doesn't ...
ianab Woodworking 26 3,737 01-23-2021, 12:38 AM
  0 Thread: Coax cable tv pixelation
Post: RE: Coax cable tv pixelation

Quote: -- Another time the tech was concerned about the "ends" or connectors. -- The connection between the cable and plugs can be subject to corrosion over time. The cable itself is likely OK, u...
ianab Home Improvement 7 1,797 12-29-2020, 02:58 AM
  0 Thread: Fish Tank Stand
Post: RE: Fish Tank Stand

Quote: -- You dont need 2x4's to build a sturdy stand.  -- True, but if you build with 2x4 AND clad it with plywood to function as bracing...  Overbuilt?  Probably... Going to fail? Not...
ianab Woodworking 18 3,121 12-05-2020, 01:28 AM
  0 Thread: Stress!
Post: RE: Stress!

Yeah. that's "interesting".  But it depends what you are building. Lots of projects only need ~12" long pieces. So you can crosscut and joint that sort of board into submission.  When you are pu...
ianab Woodworking 11 2,213 11-27-2020, 12:44 AM
  0 Thread: Fish Tank Stand
Post: RE: Fish Tank Stand

My approach to fish tank stands is that they are "Construction" first, then you clad them with something that looks nice. Enough 2x4s with cross bracing or decent ply will hold up a truck, so you star...
ianab Woodworking 18 3,121 11-21-2020, 11:06 PM
  0 Thread: fijian mahogany?
Post: RE: fijian mahogany?

As Above. It's "real" mahogany, just it's plantation grown in Fiji, so it's legal to trade it without breaking any CITES rules. Exporting mahogany from it's natural area is pretty much banned, but ...
ianab Woodworking 2 1,087 11-19-2020, 03:12 PM
  0 Thread: Air-drying Ash
Post: RE: Air-drying Ash

End sealing is to reduce the checking on the ends of boards as they dry. Wood looses moisture MUCH faster from the end grain than it does across the grain. So a log or fresh cut board will dry out muc...
ianab Woodworking 12 2,459 11-19-2020, 03:18 AM
  0 Thread: Air-drying Ash
Post: RE: Air-drying Ash

Stwood_ Wrote: (11-17-2020, 08:49 PM) -- +1 I always figured a year per inch on air drying. -- Yes, how long it takes depends on "things". Species / humidity / air flow / temperature. It natural...
ianab Woodworking 12 2,459 11-18-2020, 01:00 AM
  0 Thread: Air-drying Ash
Post: RE: Air-drying Ash

Start the drying outside, you need the airflow to carry the moisture away. In a sealed basement it has nowhere to go and you end up with a sauna or mushroom farm.  After a "few" months the wood wil...
ianab Woodworking 12 2,459 11-17-2020, 08:33 PM

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