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  0 Thread: Retractable Electrical Hose Reel
Post: RE: Retractable Electrical Hose Reel

I have a couple of different reels like this and use them all the time. I wouldn't be without one now. I wouldn't waste my money on a real cheap one though.
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 19 1,370 04-29-2024, 09:36 PM
  0 Thread: Cordless Nailer Recommendations?
Post: RE: Cordless Nailer Recommendations?

I went with a cordless air compressor. It will run all my finish nailer and staplers. Much cheaper than trying to get all cordless tools. Mine isn't as quiet as the California Air ones, but I can liv...
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 13 1,817 01-14-2024, 07:06 PM
  0 Thread: How to keep the underside of your mower deck slick as sn-t
Post: RE: How to keep the underside of your mower deck s...

Steps Mo Deck gets really good reviews. I have used a slip plate graphite spray paint. You can usually find it in farm supply stores. They use it in grain wagons etc.
shifty Home Improvement 14 2,783 08-04-2023, 10:32 PM
  0 Thread: Yet more GFCI stuff
Post: RE: Yet more GFCI stuff

Get the one with the clear cover and pint it with a more reflective color.
shifty Home Improvement 8 1,284 04-17-2023, 06:10 AM
  0 Thread: What Tool Is This?
Post: RE: What Tool Is This?

I think it is an old carpet stretcher.
shifty Woodworking 6 1,468 01-23-2023, 02:57 PM
  0 Thread: Rigid 'Packouts' on sale at HD
Post: RE: Rigid 'Packouts' on sale at HD

I have had very good luck with the Rigid packout's. I have several different ones and have been happy with all of them.
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 3 1,671 07-25-2022, 09:35 PM
  0 Thread: Install new outside faucet
Post: RE: Install new outside faucet

I work maintenance in a building that the oldest part was built in 1964. We have a variety of plumbing in the building. I have seen copper and galvanized both start spraying in the middle of a run. We...
shifty Home Improvement 25 4,292 07-11-2022, 08:53 PM
  0 Thread: Neutral wire
Post: RE: Neutral wire
shifty Home Improvement 7 1,758 07-10-2022, 03:21 PM
  0 Thread: Install new outside faucet
Post: RE: Install new outside faucet

The press fittings they are referring to are used on copper pressure lines. Plumbers are using them all the time. Especially on old work where it can be hard to get the water to completely shut off, m...
shifty Home Improvement 25 4,292 07-10-2022, 03:14 PM
  0 Thread: How to find hot side of switch
Post: RE: How to find hot side of switch

How many wires are in the switch box? Is it possible the wire feeding the outlets comes into the switch box? If so, just move that wire from the switched hot to the supply hot. Then your outlets would...
shifty Home Improvement 10 2,430 06-25-2022, 02:13 PM
  0 Thread: Electrical question
Post: RE: Electrical question

Have you unplugged it with the switch turned on? Many of them have an alarm that will go off if it is turned on and loses power.
shifty Home Improvement 13 3,060 01-17-2022, 03:41 PM
  0 Thread: Mower Main Pulley Bolt Removal
Post: RE: Mower Main Pulley Bolt Removal

If the impact wrench doesn't work, take the spark plug out and push some nylon rope in. When the piston comes up it will hit the rope and not be able to travel any further. The bolt should be standard...
shifty Home Improvement 8 2,466 08-29-2021, 01:13 PM
  0 Thread: Dewalt
Post: RE: Dewalt

If you search reviews for it comes up with a scam warning giving it a rating of .4 out of 100. Doesn't sound too promising.
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 6 1,790 08-25-2021, 07:06 AM
  0 Thread: Follow-up ? to my bagging question. Re: the mower chute
Post: RE: Follow-up ? to my bagging question. Re: the m...

There is a graphite paint you can get that is called Slip Plate. That will make it slippery. Should probably be repainted annually, but lasts pretty good.
shifty Home Improvement 5 1,628 07-22-2021, 10:42 PM
  0 Thread: Mice Traps - Suggestions?
Post: RE: Mice Traps - Suggestions? I always thought this would be fun to make!
shifty Home Improvement 25 4,952 07-05-2021, 07:38 PM
  0 Thread: Cordless wet dry vac experiances
Post: RE: Cordless wet dry vac experiances

I've got a Rigid. That's what my cordless tools are, so that's why I got it. I've been very satisfied with it. Search on you tube for project farm. He did a test of cordless shop vacs that was pretty ...
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 11 3,163 05-21-2021, 09:54 PM
  0 Thread: New 23 guage micro pinner
Post: RE: New 23 guage micro pinner

I have a Bostich 23 gadget pin nailer that will shoot 2" pins. I have had really good luck with it. I haven't had too many pins stray, but it definitely does happen. Always make sure you keep your han...
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 17 4,254 05-20-2021, 10:52 PM
  0 Thread: Snake a toilet
Post: RE: Snake a toilet

If you are going to use a snake in a toilet, use some 1 1/2" pvc and a 45° st. elbow to get the snake into the toilet far enough so that any scratching, or staining from a rusty snake can't be seen.
shifty Home Improvement 22 3,944 05-18-2021, 05:37 PM
  0 Thread: Low voltage cordless screwdriver?
Post: RE: Low voltage cordless screwdriver?

I have one of the Dewalts mentioned above. It works great when putting in light switches, receptacles, and cover plates. I've never tried using it to drive screws requiring much power though.
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 10 2,985 02-26-2021, 12:52 AM
  0 Thread: Delta Cruzer miter saw
Post: RE: Delta Cruzer miter saw

I've been looking at the Bosch. Why do you say that you probably wouldn't buy another one?
shifty Woodworking Power Tools 16 7,617 02-26-2021, 12:41 AM

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